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Gunnar, actually, yes. And some lactose. I'm only making a small batch and not a 10 gallon run. All my other recent stuff has flopped, pale ales, lagers.... I'm just doing something to be different an + 176 more characters
Alright fellow brewers, I'm going for a Lucky Charms Blonde Irish Ale this weekend. I'll post the grain bill and target OG when I get to my iMac at my desk. I have been kicking this idea around for a + 277 more characters
Since returning from Korea I have attempted two large batches. Both sucked. It's like I lost my touch while I was in the Land of the Morning Calm. First run was a Dales Pale Ale clone, then a Vienna l + 485 more characters
Bottled both my Cream Ale and Imperial Pilsner last weekend. Looking to take a shot a brewing a Yuengling clone for the upcoming summer.
My the hell do I delete duplicate posts? I'm a troll
Hal, the pumpkin was good, just didn't do a good job filtering at bottling.....It still was good......just another lesson learned. We didn't use a racking cane at siphoning, and it shows hence the sed + 49 more characters
Just popped the swing-top on my imperial chocolate coffee stout... 10.75 ABV and darned good. I have an Imperial Pilsner lagering right now with a second dry hop in progress, and just got my set up fo + 436 more characters
I did, I steamed a fresh pumpkin in the microwave, then ran it through blender to get that canned pumpkin consistency.
Bottled my pumpkin porter last week. The priming sugars are doing their thing. 2 more days to pop the top.
Shu, yup, Thanks. I shall give it the 'ol college try.
After years of either being deployed, away at a friends place, or of preparing turkey, I'm going to try my hand at a Prime Rib at my home away from home in NC. I'll take any and all advice on making t + 129 more characters
I have a want, not a need: A neighborhood butcher shop (something along the lines of the "Meat House" insert joke here Richard/Buck/Frank) A place with prime cuts that are dry and wet aged. I cant und + 364 more characters
Pils OK, but Im a real fan of the Ungespundet hefetrüb/Keller Bier, then lager, then Pils. I have had Pils in Pilsen Czech Republic, good, but I still prefer my Upper Franconia/Bavaria specalities fro + 276 more characters
Gunnar, Since returning from Germany after being stationed there 90 months, beer in the U.S. doesnt really float my boat, unless I visit home in M.C., where I can slam some Busch light with the best o + 194 more characters
Having been a active duty Paratrooper for the past 15 years and still counting, Tim McGraw's "If You're Reading This". The song gets me. And If I do end up getting whacked on a deployment, I would wou + 124 more characters
Tien Bien!!
Try Rich Thomas who works out at RMC. The dude is a Harley/motorcycle genius.
OK, I have to throw this in.......someone said there are "few good' German beers. Although I am currently deployed to Afghanistan (Again...x4) I am stationed in Bamberg Germany, known to the Germans a + 1222 more characters
Careful......the Californian vegan pagans might come for us. I can't wait to get home this year for deer season. It will be only the second time in 13 years my leave dates have lined up with deer rifl + 322 more characters
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