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Just to be clear, as we've had several questions, ONLY the table rentals sales will be donated to charity. The vendors will keep all of their sales. There are still tables/spaces available. Support a + 45 more characters
There are still tables available at the craft fair!
November 3, 2012, 9am-4pm at the Sacred Heart School Gym, Miles City, MT. All vendors welcome! Tables/spaces are $25 each. 100% of the net profits will be donated to local charities. Early set up is a + 164 more characters
Richard, we still have cake at Sacred Heart! White Texas Sheet cake or chocolate.
The Bountiful Basket people have actually put the new sites opening on hold for a bit. They are working on getting more trucks and drivers to make it to all the Montana sites we have set up now. Turns + 169 more characters
Just my opinion, but I feel landlords have the right to say no to whomever they want. It's their property. If we keep making them yield to our every want there may not be rentals to rent. The landlord + 185 more characters
Here's my guess.. Levi Forman? He would have been about the right age then. Or maybe Nola Drga, Jenn Herzog, Ty Lantis, Wade Hudson, Karla Drange, Dave Smiths boys. All of those kids joined about that + 6 more characters
I was in that club from 1982 until 1991 and the last of my siblings finally finished in 2004. I'm trying to think of who would be the new members then, hmm.. That was a long time ago Amorette! Please + 6 more characters
I have a nominee if I may post it?
Carli, I would love to join your group! I started couponing last fall and haved saved quite a bit! Yes you have to plan out your strategy and clip coupons but if you can get what you need for practica + 63 more characters
There was a Piggly Wiggly? Awesome!
I saw on another post somewhere that a new dispensary will be out at Bojangles.
So maybe an underground leak of some sort?
You said it Amorette!
Levi, what's their facebook page under? I searched but didn't find it. Thanks!
I missed the last clue. Can someone repeat it for me?
Wow! Did you see the fourth grader singing? We have some awesome talent to choose from!
I was up there the other night picking up a delivery pizza at the window and saw them opening a can of pizza sauce. I should have wrote the name down but didn't! Dang! But I was kinda disappointed tha + 254 more characters
I'm just throwing this out there... We are made to get car insurance, now we're being made to get health insurance, and then on top of that we are made to get flood insurance? I understand the car ins + 261 more characters
I'm so sorry to hear of this terrible tragedy. I think instead of fighting and name calling we need to focus on more important things. I'm praying for their families as this has to be a horrible time + 596 more characters
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