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This is so, so sad and scary ... it happened only 3 miles from my house. I just don't understand why someone would go out of their way to make some kind of point. Whatever that may be. Do we have exec + 29 more characters
Maybe they can open up a drive-through .. and for those who are more social, a carpool lane.
Kiss Me Thru The Phone -- Soulja Boy
How exciting!! This says a lot about the people of Miles City.
Thanks Josh.
State Fair 13 years ago
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When (approx) and where is your state fair?
I love it here -- it's all full of piss and vinegar. Oh crap, is piss a swear word? Ack - is crap one? nevermind
What's been the favorite Halloween costume you've ever worn? I once went as a psychic channeling Tammy Faye Baker.
Lady Hawke Gone With The Wind EEEWW @ Caligula, although the wall with the blades was kinda cool.
"I don't excercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor." Joan Rivers
I love Achmed the dead terrorist.
Has anyone seen Jeff Dunham in a large venue? He is going to be here in the Tacoma Dome next month and I was wondering if it loses something in translation by watching via big screen or with binocular + 67 more characters
On a couple of months ago, there was a story about a man who hung his 2 pitbulls up in the basement and then shot them with a gun with a homemake silencer on it --- all because he and his fami + 106 more characters
I am so sorry for your loss. One is never ready to experience that. When my parents died, I flew home to their home town, where my sister also lived, only to find that my sister had put most of the ho + 760 more characters
I bought a slice of pizza once for a "homeless" gentleman in Pioneer Square. He promptly turned around and fed it to the pigeons. Hmm. I thought he looked hungry -- my bad. And it's a shame - it makes + 30 more characters
I don't do landscapes at all (and me living in the Pacific Northwest). I like the lone trees because they are more about shapes and lines. I do more tabletop, macro, black and white, and architecture. + 207 more characters
Are there many interesting things like this in MC or the surrounding areas? I'm a photographer and really enjoy shooting architecture. No landscapes, unless it is a lone tree.
If someone does spot her, get low. Sitting or kneeling is a much less threatening posture than standing. I also agree with the canned cat food. It's more appealing than canned dog for some reason. Wis + 26 more characters
I only quit smoking when I washed some white curtains in the house and really saw what I saw sharing with the others in my home. That probably wouldn't work for most people, but it hit home with me.
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