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I was talking to my friend in Iowa the other day and she was upset. She said that some children at the school where her grandkids attend, had head lice. The school no longer sends out notices, informi + 108 more characters
Someone asked in the thread earlier if there was going to be a parade. They just said on TV there would be a parade in Billings on Sept. 3.
We travel from Miles City to Kansas City at least twice a year and the highest gas prices we pay are always in Montana.
Good friends are such an important part of life. Here's to good friends!
I think the syndicated columnist in the Friday's edition of the Star made a good point about the Casey Anthony case. Her opinion is that the prosecutor went too far too fast to OVER CHARGE and OVERPRO + 278 more characters
I went by there this evening and there were several cars, so they must be open. I'm surprised they didn't have an ad in the paper. Maybe they haven't gotten that far, yet.
I heard there is a new Chinese restaurant in town, located where Mexico Lindo was formerly housed in the Olive. Just curious if anyone has gone, and if so, was it good? I heard the owners are the same + 100 more characters
Thanks for the responses. Glad to know it's not my radio. I rely on that thing in the night, in case I need to alert our campers. Thanks again.
Does anyone have a weather radio? If so, are you receiving the message "Loss Signal"? I have two radios and I can't get a broadcast off either of them. The newer one reads "loss signal". Wondering if + 27 more characters
The Valley Drive Baptist Church VBS is August 1-5. Here is a link to their web-site.
Where was this taken? Is this the fishing access?
Here are some pictures of the Tongue River taken in the afternoon of 5/21/11. Hopefully this works. Never posted pics before.
It's no gun. It sounds like those sonic bomb type fireworks they shoot off on 4th of July. At least the one last night did.
They were at it again last night. We heard two around 10:30 last night. I think whoever did it was in the city lot across from the dike. My husband went outside on the second one and saw a vehicle lea + 96 more characters
My husband and I would like to volunteer at the soup kitchen. Is there a phone number we can call so we can sign up or do we just show up on Tuesday and Thursday? Thanks.
In the summer you should try to get a community garden going, where volunteers can raise food for the soup kitchen. When I lived and worked in Kansas City, the company I worked for had a community gar + 424 more characters
P.S. Be sure to checkout what type of license you may need. You would probably have to charge lodging tax which is 7%.
Our cabins rent for $45 a night based on two people. That's just a cabin with use of our restrooms/showers. Also, they have to furnish their own bedding. You would want to include that in your adverti + 415 more characters
It's Lisa from the KOA again. Talking about recreation in the Miles City area, does anyone know of a place where we could hook our campers up with horseback riding? We get inquiries about that every c + 394 more characters
If you decide to do this, call and give us the details. We own the KOA here in Miles City. We can pass the information on to people who call us about our cabins. There are people looking to do just wh + 309 more characters
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