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You know Hal, I don't know you but I have to say I appreciate the pictures when you post. It is sure nice to see a great thread word, pictures or otherwise that is not disrespectful, demeaning, or rud + 177 more characters
This is soooooo (spelt like that on purpose) funny . Start a forum and go every where else. Can we stay on subject here, just wondering. This is great
There is a dump for that kind of stuff and St.Vincent De Paul is "NOT" the place for that. I have shopped and found some nice stuff and have been very grateful for any and all help they have given me. + 150 more characters
Ok I thought the picture was pretty funny... here's to ya
I do shop at walmart and I have had it both ways. I know who to go through at the check out line and who not to. I am not saying they are all bad I for the most part have had real "GOOD" customer serv + 335 more characters
I would be interested in helping. Don't have tools but I have my woman power..lol
Facebook fan. I do have a myspace page but I haven't been on that page in MONTHS!! I like facebook because I have found a lot of my friends from school. I also play some of the games on facebook and m + 231 more characters
I have often thought about that myself. I think it would be a great thing. I know that I don't have any where you plant anything but I would like to feed my grandkids fresh vegies. I have lived in pla + 163 more characters
My grandma told me that she doesn't want any old song that is sad played at her funeral. I have to agree it is supposed to be a time of enjoyment (ok maybe not enjoyment couldn't think of the word I w + 121 more characters
I envy you who drive PU's. I want one!! Before you say go buy one I can't afford one. I know oh well.
AMEN!! Everyone reaps the rewards of the bad choices we make. Look at Tiger Woods and his bad choices. We all like to live in everyones mistakes like some of us have never made bad choices. I know I h + 84 more characters
I'm also rolling along with you Kyle, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
So no one "really" doesn't know how to eat an atichoke? LOL seriously now???? I guess there are those few who don't!!!
Smile by Uncle Kracker is my ringback and What if it was your last day by Nickleback
That is way cool. You know at least they won't waste. I don't like the whale wars on Discovery channel. I know that I am opening a bag of worms LOL
If you want to know the symptoms go to the www.cdc.gov website and it will give you the details and what to expect.
I saw a bumper sticker once in Bend, OR. It read while you were in church I was practicing witch craft and becoming a lesibian. I personally thought it was funny. No hurt feelings to any one it was ju + 9 more characters
White Christmas has always been my favorite and look forward to it every year. Love Bing Crosby and Danny (I forgot his last name, darn it :.
The old Exercist with Linda Blair when I was little it "really" scared me.
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