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Still looking! And everyone, even if God forbid, something bad happened to her, please let this family know so they can have some closure.
My dogs refuse to go out even to use the bathroom....grr!! Too damn cold!
Does anyone know when the Eagles is doing their annual kids xmas store? My kids absolutly love this!
suggest you maybe put an add on facebook milescityvirtual. There are a lot of people that use that as well. Hope you find her!!
Just because Billings is a bigger town doesn't necessarily mean the artists are better. The guy who owns the tattoo shop in Miles City is very reputable. He worked for many years in Billings but decid + 189 more characters
Sign ups for wrestling are usually in December. Both boys will be old enough to participate. They have a facebook page : Miles City AAU wrestling club. You should be able to find out more there. And s + 89 more characters
Heidi Hostetler AT New Attitudes Does An Amazing Job...853-6568
a very humble appology...thank you
What are the hours for the 3-4yr old? And when you say the cost covers that lunch...or just a mid morning snack
I also lived upstairs of 510 (1/2) Main Street for 2002-2003...I love that huge apartment!! I did alot of work to make it more presentable beings those before me (Eric!!) did A LOT of partying there. + 85 more characters
lol...that's cute!
Have you thought about doing an all natural, no intervention delivery in the hospital. I understand wanting a non-intervention delivery, but doing it where there is neccessary medical backup IF (heave + 246 more characters
Anyone know of anything similar? Bummer!!
Does anyone know when they are having the kids x-mas store that is usually at the Eagles? My kids had such a fun time last year and are anxious to go again this year...
Idenitiy fraud is so sad....people actually go through the work to take someone else's hard earned money. GRR!! Glad you got it all straightened out!
There are forms at the vets offices that you can send a check or money order in to pay for tags too...and very reasonably priced. I have tags on all of my dogs...but i do agree that i think some peopl + 197 more characters
I want to thank Marvin from Star Structures for removing the snow on our street this weekend. He cleared my driveway as well as the street so that we could get out. Just one of the many nice things th + 28 more characters
I know it unfortunatly happens more often than we think. It has happened to me before too. But it just dumbfounds me how people can be so disrespectful and irresponsible as to not even fess up to the + 179 more characters
i couldnt post what i REALLY wanted to say b/c i would have gotten kicked off by the webmaster!
I just want to send out a sincere thank you to the irresponsible jerk/bitch that side swiped a car parked in front of my house and then took off. Such a jerk thing to do! My friend went out to go home + 470 more characters
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