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I have a neighbor who has been making moonshine for a couple of years in his driveway (in plain sight) using a turkey fryer burner, an empty beer keg and a pot still column. The ingredients used to ma + 1122 more characters
I shaved my cat. I don't get hair on my furniture, and he finds things he thought he had lost. It's a win-win.
You can drive past, or dumpster dive for your pet. Not really sure if that's a win-win
It appears to be increasingly more difficult to participate in a thread around here without "religious beliefs, politics, Mac vs. Windows, social affairs" or . Lighten up, it's Christmas! Wouldn't it + 342 more characters
So far Gunnar wins, hands down, who can top that?
Nice example from K.Duffy! My cat like to poop in dirt, so I buy garden soil for the litter box. I empty it in the flower beds. It's $2.49 for #40. That's a win-win-win, but gloves are a good idea.
It's the holiday season and we are in a recession, but life is all about choices. We can either choose to bicker over religious beliefs, politics, Mac vs. Windows, social affairs, or we can focus on t + 762 more characters
Tucker is not kidding, really.
In the consideration of the faculties and impulses - of the prima mobilia of the human soul, the phrenologists have failed to make room for a propensity which, although obviously existing as a radical + 7727 more characters
The greatest guitar players of all time are the ones that stand up in front of you every week in your own hometown and entertain you because they hope to bring joy to the community. Rick Strohmyer, Tu + 383 more characters
He 'trawrnt no bigger than a lil 'ol squirrel. I like-a-way you tawlk Caleb. I'm a study-in on killin 'ya with it. Whut numbers 'ya punch to dial 911? Pick a copy up for next week & we can jog down me + 31 more characters
Maybe you could look into one of those "nervous hospitals". I hear they serve great french fried taters. Blame it all on the better half. C'ya next week. Juan
RE: just hello 17 years ago
O.K. this thing needs a spell check (and maybe a latex Armadillo)
RE: My ex... 17 years ago
Ex wife 1.0, Ex wife 2.0, etc, etc.
RE: just hello 17 years ago
"Hola-Ley" If you feel more like you do now than you did before this happened, then you must want to change what you were doing before you decided to take a different direction. Either way the results + 483 more characters
Congratulations Joe! I can see Miles City transforming into the cultural hub of Custer County.
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