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Looks like they are on the way to "Burning Man" to me!
So Sorry Matt, My heart goes out to you and your whole family. With Thoughts and Prayers, Tammy Brennr (Walterson)
Hi, Anyone going to Billings Thursday AM? Looking for a lift. Thanks, Tammy
Spend wisely........... How to use the IRS rebate As you may have heard the Bush Administration is sending each and every one of us a nice rebate to grow our economy! If we spend that money at Wal-Ma + 585 more characters
Hey you could live out here in Ohio, where all it does is rain and the sun never shines. If there were only a way to move some out your way!
EIC: Must I be entitled to claim a child as a dependent to claim the earned income credit based on the child being my qualifying child? You do not have to be entitled to claim the child as a dependent + 2601 more characters
I'm reading Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" Great Story! I also have the sequel and will start that next. Ken Follett's book "White Out is also good.
I Love It!
Starbucks French Roast is my favorite!! I know Miles City maybe to small for a franchise, but you can buy it at Target or WalMart.
RE: OSU 15 years ago
in Sports & Recreation
I hear ya Bob. They are a young team maybe some time and experience.
RE: OSU 15 years ago
in Sports & Recreation
OSU here we go !!! Win, Win, Win!!!
Gunner, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Hi Debbie, Yes, It is very sad about Linda. When I was home this summer I spent a hour visiting with her and her daughter. She was trying to get her life back in order. I also visited with her brother + 180 more characters
$3.19 in Ohio
Linda Wilson November 5 2007 God Bless Her
Yes, they had a couple different names. It sounds like your doing well. Good to hear. I'll tell Brother dear Hello.
Sorry Steve, They played in the late 70's early 80's. In and around Miles City - Bozeman areas. Colin Walterson, Jeff Newman, Ron Halsey Tammy
boat - boot
The Band from Miles City! My Brother was in it.
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