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There was also a warehouse grocery called Gamble Robinson on Washington Street who dealt in case lots. Dry goods and produce. In one load of Banana's they found a Boa Constrictor. That was a long time + 14 more characters
There was the South Side Grocery Store right on the corner of Montana & Pearl Street. Jill Frederick
Yes, it was. Jill Frederick
There was a Fair Price grocery Store that Vimont's owned on the north side of town. Jill Frederick
There also was a Fair Price Grocery Store. Charles's & Pearl Vimont owned that grocery store. Don't know who owned it after they did. It's not a store now. [Edited by dalejill (8/30/2017 9:33:40 PM)]
There was a small grocery store next to the post office. It was called Economy Grocery. It had one of the best candy selections around. dalejill
Herb Crone did manage the 7th Street Service Service Store. In 1959, he opened Herb's Superette on Batchelor Street. He owned and operated it until his retire- ment.
Herb's Superette grocery store was over by where Elmer, Lucille, Don, Linda, and Joel Olsen lived.
There also was a Herb's Grocery Store on Bachelor Street. I don't recall if there is any more.
There was a Doull's grocery store. There was a Piggly Wiggly grocery store, which became Reynolds, then the Coast to Coast to Coast store, before the building burned down. Ji + 12 more characters
Jack's Food Town was where Car Quest is now. Jill Frederick
The Sawyer's store was on Seventh street. Then there was a clothes cleaners store right next to it. I remember when I was a child, my folks and grandparents would stop there after doing there shopping + 416 more characters
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