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for anyone interested, on an older blog about ice jams, i had contacted Fred South, who has pictures and articles about the ice jam of '44. the one they bombed. I recently e-mailed him and he said he + 66 more characters
what a mess to clean up. the pictures have helped us who aren't there to see it all. thanks again for keeping all of us posted
anyone remember Harmony Hangout?
a little off the subject of what I don't miss-someone mentioned the drive-in. what good memories. Putting people in the trunk on $1.00 car load night
what I don't miss--hail the size of golf balls that broke windows and killed cattle. Here I am, in a small town, with one stop light, no 24 hour service, and no food after 9. The next biggest town is + 288 more characters
working at Red Rock Drive Inn while in high school and making floats, milk shakes, and batter dipped onion rings. we made $1.85/hr. plugging in the car in the winter having chains on the car and findi + 460 more characters
in memory of my sister, Diana Wells, who would have been 55 on 9/19. May she rest in peace
Skeeter Cain, graduated in '69?
I graduated in '69 and left Miles, although have been back quite a few times. I smile when I read these comments as my friend and I often talk about what we miss about our home town and the old days g + 53 more characters
I was the first baby born in Miles City in 1951. not that anyone remembers now!!
I have spent the last hour reading all this. I, too, hope this goes national. Its hard to believe all this was over minors getting beer. They way they worded it at first, I thought they were talking a + 337 more characters
I was in the regular band where we had to do shows for the half time at the football games, parades, etc. I remember Mr. Hartse having a temper and throwing his baton in exasperation, then leaving the + 103 more characters
RE: Ice 16 years ago
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Some of us remember ice skating in the bowl. in warm weather, they played football, etc and in the winter they flooded it to ice skate on. they did a good job keeping it clean and had a box car at one + 78 more characters
tooooo funny. we used to play that all the time.!
were you able to find your biological parents?
thanks for the history on the school. I talked to Mike Mohler, who grew up there. the old philosophy was indeed to reform them. the school was self sufficient and what they didnt make or grow, they tr + 134 more characters
another Happy New Year from Dayton, Wa
Bob, were you a lodge parent?
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