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Obviously, that was what this "fictional" male character did when he cheated. And really, leaving someone for betraying her trust and violating the marriage vows... yep, that's awful. And ending up + 806 more characters
Myself and a few friends would love it. Personally, I'd eat wakame salad at least twice a week for work lunch if it was an option!
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I'd not heard of Woodruff yet... I know what my family and I are doing on our next weekend off together!
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I'd love to have a set place to folf... it is definately one of the outdoor activities I miss since moving here. I think Pirogue Island (aka Doeden's Island as my step-son always corrects me) would be + 70 more characters
I think the article paints a picture that is too black and white. What about those whose families fall in the gray area? Mine, for example. We made too much for Headstart but not enough to pay for pre + 816 more characters
I'm going to be there, as well!
Wendy... where is that store located? I'm not overly familiar with Glendive, but a few landmarks would help! We go there occasionally.
Last year I heard about this program too late to sign up. I was wondering if anyone had any information about it yet this year...? Thanks!
I saw a link for this and thought about sharing it with the kiddos when the time comes. And then I thought some of you other parents out there with young children might be interested too! url
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