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Thanks for the info, we talked to Jerry and he does own one of them. Still don't know who the other one belongs to. I'll try calling Yellowstone county and see if I can get any info.
There are 2 stock combo trailers sitting out by Tire Rama, one has a for sale sign and a number to call on it, the other one doesn't. Its the one that doesn't that I'm interested in. It has a Yellowst + 97 more characters
Ok folks, this is not what I had in mind for this thread. The media was late in getting this disaster out to the world, I really just wanted to know if people were hearing anything about this. I know + 712 more characters
These folks need our prayers and whatever else we can do, the count is up to 75,000 now and they have to dispose quickly of their beloved cows, horse and sheep. They need a designated third party to w + 416 more characters
I'm just wanting to know how many people in the area are following the devastation to the ranchers in SD who lost thousands of head of livestock from the snow storm Atlas. There has been very little m + 245 more characters
Sam was one of the first city kids I met when I came to town as a freshman for school. He had an infectious smile that could put you at ease. I also loved hearing him sing, this world has lost a beaut + 86 more characters
I have to agree, we have eaten there numerous times and have always had great service and great food. I have eaten there for lunch and supper and its always been fantastic. I would recommend it to eve + 282 more characters
My condolences to all the family she was a beautiful person inside and out.
How many teams did you get? Should be a good time wish I could come.
The crowd at the Bison Bar was sure a great bunch of people and I do mean bunch. People were so polite, if someone accidently bumped you they said excuse me, I was there til the band shut down and I d + 326 more characters
I am sure not a second has gone by since this family lost that beautiful little boy that they haven't wished they had done something different. It is not our place to pass judgement since we were not + 416 more characters
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