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Maybe a butch haircut and flannel?
My daughter has attended Garfield since kindergarden and will be a sixth grader next year. I have not had problem one with this school, their curricular structure, or any of the faculty. Especially th + 522 more characters
In response to Denise Selk.....I have a 10 year old that rides bike to school and I just want to say "Well Said"!
Also interested if something gets going. Also have a 10 year old daughter with an exceptional singing voice. Hope to hear more!
Thank you for deciding for me what to have for my last meal in 2009. I can hardly wait. I've always had really good service there, but I always have the same old flat-iron steak. I did try the steamer + 308 more characters
I'm sure glad this was posted when it was because I came across a 1994 "Ttaverns In The Town" calendar illustrated by Gene Larson. Each illustration is a different Miles City bar for every month of th + 772 more characters
Mike Lucas and Josh Jackson maybe deserve to be noted as great contributors to the 85 state champion cowboy team!
Know Garth and the owners and I'm told that because of a plumbing mishap(old bldg), they had to close for the rest of the weekend but were back to normal schedule this weekend. You're right, though, g + 475 more characters
Abiding the speed limit is important. So is being cautious. I hate it when you are approaching a 4-way stop, and the person waits for you to get there even though you are obviously slowing to a stop. + 702 more characters
Just in case you didn't catch part one, my previous post was to vent on the subject of an unattended campfire left irresponsibly still burning at the boat ramp down by the seventh street bridge(by Eck + 1158 more characters
Reckless Individuals Violate Everyone's Rights Recycle And Tend Some On August 31st, myself, my 6 yr-old and one of her friends decided it was a nice day to go to the river for an adventure. We + 1842 more characters
Hi. My name is Lori Barnett. I have a daughter, Missy, who turns 6 on Saturday May 17th. My good friend and babysitter passed away a couple of weeks ago. I have to work on friday and saturday night. I + 335 more characters
Chris Peterson and I both have new skates, I got mine, unused still in box at a rummage sale this last summer for $8, and he scored an equally good pair at Woods & Goods for around the same price. Hav + 195 more characters
Hey Rich....Ya might want to fix them mo' fo' machines. But, the food is great! And I hear you got a new blender! Bravo!
Just a quick update....Roc was here for a week for a visit, and to get his eyes checked. Will need glasses. For the most part, he's feeling pretty good. We are so thankful! Also, he got to go to Grand + 318 more characters
Good news this morning from Denver, our boy is doing better with every passing hour. He is responding to his family and knows they are there. Thanks for all the prayers as we continue to pray and hope + 43 more characters
I don't know who you are, but let me set you straight on a few things about OUR family. I have been living with this DAD and these wonderful boys for a little over 2 years now. I will become their ste + 1259 more characters
First off, I would like to thank the community of Miles City for all the prayers and support following the tragic accident involving my step-son tuesday evening. It was thanks to his brother's quick t + 678 more characters
And when you, chipmunk, asked these people, is this what they told you?
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