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on Google Earth it is, but who knows how old that image is!
Amen, brother!
Yeah, I met Eddie Fisher's friend/accountant at a bar the night of his funeral, that was just a few months back. December maybe? She said his last years had not been peaceful ones as the vultures star + 54 more characters
Thanks for filling in the rest of that info, when i was looking at the photo I was thinking that it had a very nice appearance. Too bad it's out of business.
You can see the storefront out the window in this photo from the Olive Hotel Lobby. The sign above the door is cut off, but the what's visible says "& Antiques". The photo info says it was taken 6/18/ + 35 more characters
When my family moved to Miles City in December 1957 it was the studio for the local independent TV station, MCTV. Although I was only 7 years old, I remember that quite well because my grandparents ha + 525 more characters
Thanks, all, for the recap of the "glory days" of SHHS sports. I haven't much to add, except to note that the mighty Shamrocks also went to the State Class C boys basketball tournament the year before + 1449 more characters
maybe you shouldn't have let the cat out of the bag, the animal rights folks will put a quick end to that now! oops! (think i finally got that "quote" thing together)
[ Subject: RE: Streets in Miles City Author: Amorette Allison Posted: 3/8/2011 9:08:36 PM From: - MT Move to a climate with no frost/thaw cycles and the problems goes away.] i live where it's 40-70deg + 177 more characters
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