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sarah- both becca and thomas have done their apprenticeship during my time and both have tattooed me. (in becca's portfoilo i am the filigree with a butterfly, side of foot piece.) they both are amazi + 441 more characters
this isn't totally true. your skin ages only as well as the care you put into it. years ago i took care of an elderly woman with numerous tattoos and they looked brand new, but were from the 1960's. + 574 more characters
i saw one the other day that read 'palm or passion?'
smiley i heart your tattoo! i am big into tattoos- i have 2 big ones and will post pics when they are complete. i too have a dead tree on my ribs it starts on my right arm, goes down my side and wraps + 113 more characters
did you know these people are listed by the slpc as a hate group? that's how i've heard of them; and no i do not support their mission.
i live with a 'hippie' roommate here who refuses to allow a microwave into our apartment as it emits radiation into our living space and food. yet, she'll hang out talk on her cell phone and check out + 41 more characters
here in portland metro it is 44 degrees and shockingly sunny! love it!
this stuff irks me too. what is so hard about putting on a non-pajama type pant and shirt that covers everything, (all clean) before leaving the house? rake a comb through your hair, and if it is long + 845 more characters
my good friend andrea larsen died as result of injuries from a car wreck. she grew up in miles city and graduated from ccdhs in 2003. i can't believe that this has happened and she is gone. url
hal, i checked out that website last night. totally awesome! i work at a cemetery and funeral home here in oregon, and love all of the personalization done to grave markers. my favorite reads; 'she wa + 30 more characters
i am new to this, but i have been watching stuff on url as cable is f'ing expensive! i also have a netflix account. yes, you do have to pay for it, but can stream movies to your computer as well as re + 23 more characters
i find it interesting that there is resistance to a healthy activity for little girls. i have been dancing/belly dancing for years and have never found myself employed on a pole, stage or anything rem + 101 more characters
i have a very uppity miniature pincher with an obnoxious bark. i have taken to squirting her with a water bottle. i have been doing this for years as a means of 'punishment' and i can just shake the b + 268 more characters
reasonably pissed, if this is the worst thing to have happened to you recently you are a very fortunate individual. i'd like to point out you can be a good citizen and move said garden hoses onto lawn + 158 more characters
dear biggie69, i am sorry to read of your hydrocele here, on this public site. i'm sure you'll be able to afford to get it aspirated after you pay your 'huge' fines (too bad you aren't making 'bank' + 252 more characters
andrew, skyler and keiver- way to go guys! i for one must say your heroic act of spray painting a public facility was totally bad-@ss. also, posting your hateful rant about what we are allowed to com + 558 more characters
mrh there have been a few threads on the subject of the star on this forum. as a non-resident, my beef has usually been with their crappy website. it has periods, sometimes long, of no updates. or lik + 128 more characters
in addition to the crusades, lets not forget the spanish inquisition either. many felons who have been found guilty of heinous assaults and murders also claim to be christian. maybe not on a grand sc + 102 more characters
i've gotta say, i really hate, truly hate the smell of unwashed people. eew. perhaps some kind soul could offer them some soap and use of a car wash for a few minutes? since they will potty outside, w + 111 more characters
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