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I'll buy your broken computer and fix it myself... I live in Billings or else I wouldn't have a problem fixing it in MC. $25 and I could have someone drop the money off and pick the computer up and yo + 90 more characters
Try and reset your computer by removing the power plug-in and battery completely and holding down the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. This will sometimes drain any "left over" voltage left in any c + 671 more characters
MCS Do you by chance know what brand of computer it is e.g. dell, acer, hewlett packard... and what the model number is? Should say somewhere on the case.
mcs what is the model of your computer? wouldn't happen to be a hp dv something would it? And when the computer doesn't turn on does it post anything or does any led lights flicker or does it do nothi + 722 more characters
crazy didn't think Bowers would still be here for the 2nd round. I think Detroit and Cleveland came out the winners in the first round... close second would be saints and Tennessee with coughjakecough + 380 more characters
Heather Q who did you call that was from Helena??
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