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Depending on how adventurous you are feeling you could take your tv apart (google should turn up instructions). Find the power board and check the capacitors. If any of them are bulged or cracked, tha + 337 more characters
Kacey, You linked to an article that talked about people being concerned about possible layoffs. It did not talk about "how Daines sold out the company he brags about having started...and how people + 405 more characters
You realize that web site is a satire news site, right? url
@Bridgier, Lyrically? I think it's a pretty good song. I'm a little over Against Me complaining about being targeted by the close- minded punk rock scene though. I know they got rocks thrown at their + 374 more characters
Bridgier, Did you leave out the third verse of Thrash Unreal on purpose? They were playing a third verse live last night, and it sounded familiar, but I thought maybe it wasn't on the album version. + 1231 more characters
I'da Called You Woody, Joe by the Gaslight Anthem I was crawling around in my head in the haze of a trance. Rico said, "I'ma turn you onto a sound, cool out your head. This is the sound from Camden t + 1198 more characters
There is an app called, "Where's my Droid". If you send a specific text message to your stolen or lost phone it will turn the ringer all the way up and ring the phone. You can also send a different me + 191 more characters
I would try out a Droid with the Swype keyboard before deciding that you need a physical keyboard for your phone. I have a droid 1 and I don't think I've used the physical keyboard at all since I got + 278 more characters
Congratulations Bridgier. On June 14th, I was averaging 22 points a day and I thought I'd win hands down. About a week later I was just hoping to hold on to second place. Bridgier's performance was s + 233 more characters
I think that the categories we have now are pretty good. Switching it up for varieties sake would be cool though. I think that World Trivia would be pretty interesting. The pop culture categories look + 281 more characters
Hey Richard, I don't know how well Swype works on an Eris. That's what you have, right? Swype definitely affects performance on my Moto Droid, so on a slower processor, I can see it having problems. + 740 more characters
I agree with Levi and Dan. The Swype keyboard may be the pinnacle of human achievement. The launcher program that Josh mentioned is pretty great, too. I also use: CalWidget - This puts your appointmen + 1030 more characters
I'm not normally one to criticize peoples' spelling on this site... but "tomarro" made me laugh out loud.
They must have a pool of questions to use each day. I didn't get a Harry Potter question or an "Anthem of the Doomed Youth" question. That probably keeps people from cheating by creating 2 accounts an + 281 more characters
Firefly and Arrested Development were both great, but Fox really dropped the ball when they cancelled The Tick.
That price for an unlocked Google Phone isn't too bad. An unlocked Motorola Droid seems to go for about $100 more than that. An an unlocked Eris goes for about $50 less. So I think the $530 price is a + 178 more characters
Gunnar, if you benched Clark on account of what I said, I may have just made an enemy for life. Sorry about that! Shiancoe better come through or my team is toast.
I'd be careful about starting Dallas Clark at TE this weekend. The Colts have a history of resting players. I've got Clark on my team, but I think I'm going to play Shiancoe this week just to be safe. + 277 more characters
Whoops. Sorry josh. I read "transfer my number" as "transfer my contact numbers". I need to work on my reading comprehension.
The Droid on Verizon is a pretty great phone. I have never used an iPhone so I can't say which is better but its way better than my old windows mobile 6.1 phone. And I really liked my old phone. The t + 423 more characters
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