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I would like to thank everyone who has shown interest in this little problem of mine and for those who have looked around for a damaged vehicle with red paint transfer. As of yet I have had no good in + 407 more characters
vandlism? 7 years ago
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On Saturday, January 9, 2016 someone drove their vehicle into my fence on Riverside (St.) here in our fair community of Miles City. Of course this person or persons left nothing to indicate who they a + 526 more characters
Thank you for pointing that out. The Miles City Wesleyan Church is located at 916 Garland, this is very close to Garfield School. Please come and join us on Sunday, coffee and fellowship begin at 10:0 + 166 more characters
Here's a bit of an alternative. The Miles City Wesleyan is having the Rosebud Creek Revival Band on Sunday. These folks do a great job with Western type Christian music and we have a fine new Pastor a + 111 more characters
Kathy and I are so very sorry for your loss. Billie and Don have been long time friends and he will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. May God comfort and be with yo + 26 more characters
Check out the football camp on July 21(?). or call 234-4236. The post down the page might help.
I suspect that folks think it is a sign of weakness. It also appears that slowing to 15 in a school zone, especially at Sacred Heart School is very difficult for some people.
Forsyth has one of the nicer indoor swimming pools around, not sure if it is open however. Top-That Eatery, Speedway Cafe,are OK. Nice theater, about all I can think of.
6 flags in Denver might be a good bet. Only about 8 hrs from Miles City.
Don't forget Custer's Battlefield and the re-enactment in June. By the Wibuax Brewery has the best root beer in captivity!
The event is Saturday the 30th. Yes it is free including of course the free lunch. I suspect that there will be news paper announcements as well as other forms of information out soon. Everyone is wel + 123 more characters
Try the Miles City Wesylan, good Bible Believing fellowship with a Youth Program. Welcome to our fair city.
Good Morning: Is there an address or a phone number or a person that we can contact if we have specific items to donate as requested earlier?
How about the Miles City Wesleyan Church. I was raised Lutheran as well and have found this church, even though it is denominational more to my liking. This is a good Bible believing, Bible teaching c + 122 more characters
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