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Its good to see that task force is still hard at it.Its sad that there is still a problem with meth in this community.I recently visited miles city and its no secret that there is dope around.The way + 2685 more characters
Scripts have become a huge problem and not just in miles city,but every where.Oxycotton is not only a powerful narcotic but often times a fatal drug when abused.Its like a synthetic herion and easier + 726 more characters
Thank you,
Most miscommunications in life are simply a an act of perception.Therefore I will apologize for not being more clear.But what if I was a retired officer just checking on the public opioin in something + 567 more characters
Thanks bridgit for your willingness to respond to such an odd ponder.Do you rember who this person was.
That is cute richard, but Im talking about ten years ago and the early 2000s before there was ever region 11 and it is obvious that if glendive was such a problem region 11 would have beed based out o + 16 more characters
Meth has had terrible history in this small community.It has held some shameful titles in the state as [largest drug trafficking city in the state]and so on there was a timee a few years ago where som + 264 more characters
I want to help, so if you would direct me in that area that would be great.I live in butte but grew up in mc and think it is ideal to get as much support as possible for anything that will help change + 60 more characters
Suicide,seems to be an interesting topic.It has always facinated me to think what the end of life would be at your own hands.I've been on all sides of the fence.My first funeral was for a suicide vict + 1334 more characters
Just about two-n-half years
I was messing with this computer and found this site so I thought I would sroll through the forums. I never knew there was this much communication back then.So I thought I would say Hi.Might even be + 35 more characters
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