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Check your list, not as many people donated money to who you think as recent as you think. [Edited by Phil Shifley (2/5/2021 7:17:45 PM)]
Interesting observation, I know that you like people to provide facts. Would you be so kind as to go down the list and tell us all which ones are Republican? Not sure if anyone could say Oftedal’s is + 342 more characters
Dick, they will have a bunch available next Wednesday, stop over then and grab some.
MCD to help you understand the difference, please look at all the posts in the National/World forum..... the forum domination that you’ve done there with garbage news stories is forum flooding. If you + 256 more characters
MCD, That Supreme Court case has been brewing since 1935. Be truthful with us, are you secretly trying to win a nomination for Donald Trump's Fake News Awards?
By description I believe you're talking about Lyle Cunningham, he did run an establishment called the Wild Horse Pavilion. He was known to travel and play for a few events and locally although I never + 31 more characters
The key word is "innocent dog" you might want to read MCA 81-7-401 (that's Montana Code Annotated for you legal types). If this so called event ever actually happened, but since a friend of a second c + 296 more characters
Shu is right Trump bashing and environmental rhetoric. As far as the proceedings today, the headline is BS, it makes it sound like there are ties. They are investigating "if there are any ties" and th + 225 more characters
Cory and AFAB, no you cannot. If an existing service is within something like 500 feet as per DEQ regulation it is illegal to disconnect and install your own. You have to go with the cleaner, more de + 107 more characters
I'll have to agree that the speech wasn't anything special. However, the 60 Democrats being absent made the event quite pleasant... kind of like going to the County fair without seeing any trailer tra + 98 more characters
They forgot to mention he took his job too
Haven't you heard? The Dems already got caught doing that with absentee ballots.
One of them can probably continue to run the parade. I don't know which one it is but the CCDHS AG program actually bought and owns one of those two Oil Pull Rumleys. In the 60's or early 70's (not su + 153 more characters
Bigmontana, In a normal situation what you're saying would apply, not in this one. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in this community that does not know or have a bit of an idea how bad the si + 1523 more characters
Schlitz is very good beer. Most people that just now said I didn't know what I was talking about haven't given it a chance or considered other factors. What we usually ended up with here in Eastern Mo + 986 more characters
A whole slug of elected officials (good and bad) have come and gone this whole time Richard, you know this. Who is in office doesn't change the fact that we don't have money and people aren't lining u + 22 more characters
I don't know why everyone is complaining, when I was a kid we had to walk three and a half miles one way to school. That's not far but it was uphill both ways and thank God for the old steel lunch box + 294 more characters
Yes they are still around, all in the phone book. Jim didn't know much about it, only the engine details and that was all.
Just asking, since the report says Custer Montana. So anyhow, folks in the neighborhood that would have taken special interest at the time would be: Jim Michels Frank Stoltz Bill Champion There was m + 159 more characters
According to what information is available, that P38 crash was near Custer. Even though it was operating out of Miles City it crashed 100 miles from here which for that plane could have easily been fe + 144 more characters
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