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Cindy at the Extension Office (basement of the courthouse) will soon be holding her annual rummage sale to benefit Relay for Life. Check with her to see if she could use these! Kudos to you for your u + 44 more characters
Misty Sewell. I love it!!! I think i should change my username on here!
LOL! Thanks for the morning laugh!
Here is the link to the Montana Code Annotated section on child labor. You should be able to find the answer here. url
They are in two of the racketball courts.
I think they have a sign posted on the door of Studio M that gives info about the Zumba class.
Well, I just found out that there will be no rec league for the older girls of MC this summer!! Ages 13 to 18 won't have the usual summer league to play in. Apparently, due to the impact of the Rage t + 1002 more characters
Food for thought regarding law enforcement/emergency personnel being able to use cell phones and radios while driving - What if they are responding to an emergency and need to be in contact with the d + 1070 more characters
The Kinsey Irrigation Company would be a great show idea. In the spring they have to burn all of the excess grass around the irrigation ditches. I'll tell you what - the guys come home pretty nasty af + 167 more characters
Fantastic! Thanks for the info!
I was wondering if anyone had any info on the girls' volleyball camp that is held each summer, usually at MCC I think. I hadn't seen anything yet and was hoping I didn't miss it!!
To put in my two cents... I think there is definitely a possibility of creating more things for kids to do here in Miles City. But, that can probably be said for most places. I also think that kids s + 2453 more characters
I think the Kinsey school schedule would work great for both the kids and the schools. No need to find additional rooms for all-day Kindergarten. There can be two different sessions: Mon, Wed, every o + 306 more characters
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