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Maby im wrong in saying this but i think if our pool commitee or town was REALLY interested in gettin a pool we would quit sittin around havin meetings and talkin about it but rather doing somthing, i + 116 more characters
They also have quite a few people that have summer homes up there who support the idea for a pool and donated alot of money twards it. not only people with summer home but active members in the commun + 314 more characters
guess what big timber is in the process of building a 4 million dollar indoor pool, BIG TIMBER population 1500 or so, how do u suppose they are doin that, weve been triing since i can remember like th + 492 more characters
i remember Munchies, id go and get icecream all the time, and Big al's they had the best sandwiches, wow as young as i am i still have memories its scary
Whats this parade all about? why is it called joe's parade, why not nancy's or julie's I like the censored idea thats a hoot. speaking of hoots we could have one that says : Save the trees wipe your a + 15 more characters
I believe it was Bill Clinton who once said "If you want to live like a rebublican vote Democrat" ... I dunno what to think about that. I think the goverment is just one BIG CONSPIRACY leading into an + 8 more characters
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