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Oddjob get a clue on the idea and open your mind for positive communication. What I have been talking about is allowing for a process to take place. Don't be so against growth and allowing for somethi + 1088 more characters
8.100.112 CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION AND OPEN MEETINGS (e) any information in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure but the applicant has expressl + 4400 more characters
It should be read and followed. So, your saying that you did not go by this as a board member... Interesting. Yes. Yes. Speculation is what the purpose of communication is about in this matter. By say + 1082 more characters
Now, Oddjob who said that I never have been on the school board or have not done my part in community service? Maybe if you had a policy about phone calls in place and enforced it might help. I think + 406 more characters
20-3-324. Powers and duties. As prescribed elsewhere in this title, the trustees of each district shall: (1) employ or dismiss a teacher, principal, or other assistant upon the recommendation of th + 7655 more characters
20-3-323. District policy and record of acts. (1) The trustees of each district shall prescribe and enforce policies for the government of the district. In order to provide a comprehensive system of g + 1825 more characters
20-3-322. Meetings and quorum. (1) The trustees of a district shall hold at least the following number of regular meetings: (a) an organization meeting, as prescribed by 20-3-321; (b) a final bu + 2532 more characters
10.55.801 SCHOOL CLIMATE (1) The local board of trustees shall: (a) develop policies, procedures, and rules that respect the rights of all learners, promote an awareness of and concern for the well + 1265 more characters
Rule: 10.55.701 (1) The local board of trustees shall ensure that the school district complies with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. (2) Each school district shall make available t + 5357 more characters
I really just question the statement that said board members research the facts before voting? I think the board members should share the info given to them before the vote if done by phone. Just say + 898 more characters
Good points made by a player and her parent in the paper. These would be individuals with insider information into the program. I would call these people the real experts of the program. I really don + 541 more characters
I've enjoyed all points of view on this subject matter. I understand that it's hard when it's your child. I also agree that a coach should not be let go due to conflict or misunderstandings with a par + 934 more characters
No,not an expert by any means. Firing or tabled or forced resignations however the means they have gotten the same result. I think most people know about the subject matter at hand and no reason to pi + 510 more characters
I wouldn't say that I'm emotionally attached to Mrs. E. What I'm attached to is the hope that the correct process will be followed. That's what this is about and parents not being held accountable to + 683 more characters
"None of us (except the team and the parents) know what exactly what took place." This is an important point in this saga. Were the parents direct witnesses and did not hear it from their child. They + 1109 more characters
"Coach Veis won many games and was very well respected and loved by many players through out his years of coaching." This brings up a very important point in this situation. Mr. Veis was allowed to co + 3302 more characters
"My OPINION is that a coach teaches, mentors and molds their team and the result is wins." by BP The evaluation said that she covered those things. So, that would be a check in her favor. Could you po + 1465 more characters
"A coach's job is to win games! That should tell you everything right there! I don't think so!!!" by BP. BP you seem to have the inside information on the subject of Cowgirl Basketball. Since you know + 3873 more characters
How long is a coach given in Miles City before they are voted out? It seems to me that the Miles City School board is getting rid of coaches all the time. I'll even throw in a principal that could not + 819 more characters
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