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Amorette, You are an intelligent person with insightful comments, but in this case you are displaying your tendency to be over opinionated. I whole-heartedly believe I am that one child spared by skat + 535 more characters
Matt, How did it go gathering signatures the other day? Did you get enough of a response to continue your efforts? Can you email me a copy of your petition?
Matt, to avoid reinventing the wheel I bumped my old thread for reference. In it, you will find a progression of ideas, a list of supporters, rebuttals to naysayers, and links to important sites like + 233 more characters
When I flew out of Miles City to Gillette I was the only one on the plane, flying over some of the most desolate parts of the lower 48, and the TSA agents found "bomb residue" on my sneakers. I was de + 482 more characters
I was in the womb but at the game during the "immaculate reception". Born Steelers fan and I will die a Steelers fan. Quit wining about your losing team, I had to sit through the Cordell Stewart years + 72 more characters
I was merely trying to mend a rift that might form between FUN2U and other youth orientated activities by giving an example of a community that built an aquatic center, skatepark, indoor sport courts, + 480 more characters
I couldn't help but notice that only 15 people responded to the questionnaire. Is the questionnaire still in circulation?
Lindsay is not in southern California, it is in the central valley and I very seriously doubt people are driving from Fresno or Bakersfield to the Field house. The population density might be higher b + 106 more characters
Even more relevant and more encompassing check out mcdermontfieldhouse.com and scroll over the attractions menu. Keep in mind Lindsay is an impoverished community with a population of 10,297. How did + 19 more characters
Skateparks are not trouble. There are 13 million skaters in the US. 1 in 6 kids under the age of 24 consider themselves to be a skateboarder. It is a creative outlet for teenage angst. A skatepark wou + 766 more characters
Is announcing that you have valuables in your car an invitation to thieves? Announcement: "Blue Dogde Caliber has an XM radio and is sympathetic towards thieves". Thanks for the warning kelsee from so + 35 more characters
If any big oil companies, Wall Street banks, or health insurance companies are reading this than buy my vote directly. I'm cheaper than any politician and in need of money. I'll vote any which way you + 59 more characters
Skatepark wharehouse!
I am feeling very overwhelmed. For the last twenty years whenever I have felt this way I have focused my energy and angst towards a few good skateboarding sessions. This has been my way to channel agg + 1373 more characters
This is in response to an email sent to me asking for more specific details. In my discussion with the city we decided to lean more towards a cement facility to limit maintenance and insure durability + 965 more characters
This week I met with some folks from the City and the Parks Department to discuss the possibility of a skatepark in Miles City. We discussed the history and current and future potential of skateboardi + 756 more characters
Thank you jenn for shedding light on this thread.
You may or may not know that Glendive is in the process of building a skatepark. They are currently in the design phase having contracted Site Design, a reputable Skate Park design company, to design + 482 more characters
Most christian scholars that study the scriptures agree that Jesus was not born in the month of December.
Golly gee patriot, do you think that it is merely coincidence that X-mas falls so close to winter solstice. Have you forgot your history lessons or just never learned them or maybe refused to pay atte + 40 more characters
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