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I just want to post something on here about my recent experience with this car wash. It was my first experience since I have moved here with this wash and Freddy, I believe he said his name was, anywa + 855 more characters
Does anyone know where I can get an old electric lighter repaired?
Yea I gave the guy my name and address before I figured out what was going on
so i just talked to the FBI in billings and they said don't give them any information and don't cash the check they send. It will be for over what they owe you and they will ask you to send them the d + 40 more characters
I just spoke with mcpd and they said that it is a scam they send you a check and when you cash it they get your account and routing number and they said anyone who has been contacted by these individu + 50 more characters
same guy contacted me and told me he was in kansas city
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