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Kuhlmeyer - Please reference following link to story in The Billings Gazette... url
Oh I think you are right Allison! The son whom George referred to as 'Bear' is Tom who has since named his son after Chris.
Chris was a 1982 graduate of Custer County District High School and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He was among 10 soldiers who died from injuries in an Army helicopter cr + 108 more characters
"The class of the 60's said that most people just want to visit so that is why we are not planning too many events." Is this turning out to be more than a "70's" class reunion? Are classes from the "6 + 34 more characters
The Director of the elementary school that my kids attended said, and I happen to agree, "If it is at all possible, let them stay home." They offer the all-day option for working parents, but if the c + 307 more characters
I would like to reiterate Fred South's question before it gets buried too far into the discussion... What was the Glendive incident and aftermath? It sounds like it made a profound impact on the life + 104 more characters
Thank you Barb for recalling my family - the George (Joan) Dunning family (who were also Catholic and would have taken up a whole pew row when we all attended the same service!) Fidella Richard Patric + 204 more characters
Fiddle? What about the tuba?
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