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Slosh, Could you post the information you already have? Thanks~
This is for Wilbur... I am from that small town sir (sweetheart is not appropriate) and your response is absurd. I live in a city with 4 million people and can't even let my daughter watch the news. I + 433 more characters
Having moved from Miles City 8 years ago I don't know the crowd so much anynore but just to read whats going on in this post makes my skin crawl. Leave the families to mourn. There has to be something + 111 more characters
Filled up for $1.92 with my Kroger card yesterday!!! This would have been a lifesaver during the back to back hurricanes we had.
$2.69 in Houston yesterday!!!
What a coincidence. I was having my weekly online homecoming and saw your name.
I tried it also and was unable to view the photos. Thanks, Kayce
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