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Rob,If you're not careful You are going to end up like everyone's buddy up here, Eric Brandt. He was just sentenced in Denver And he's a waiting another trial when he gets out. In the interim He's sta + 267 more characters
I threw up in my mouth a little.
Sorry, Larry. It was there yesterday, honest.
Larry, is this OK? url. I saw it in the MC classifieds and was surprised that it was so blatant.
Thank you coboots for answering the "Who is this Jim Jensen?" I did hear about the scum abuser, after our move back home to Denver. I had just forgotten about it. Has S-dog joined the ranks of poor, + 262 more characters
And just who is this Jim Jensen of who you speak. I have been out of MC for almost nine years. Did I miss something. Scoterdawgleg, If you are throwing down the gauntlet I will need more information. + 544 more characters
Scooteringdog, out of curiosity, are you as homophobic and insecure as you appear to be or are you just not aware that people don't talk about you in front of you, as far as you know? I'm not usually + 117 more characters
Robbie's got a minion. Robbie's got a minion. Robbie's got a minion.
Deschutes experience and/or Pacific NW hops make everything better.
indubitably, indeed.
David, Stunning! from the outset, I was captivated. I laughed, I cried, I threw up in my mouth a little. I ask myself, was it the dancing books? Was it the hideous blob of a .....blob of a....? You kn + 107 more characters
"I don't care about gay" Is gay someone you know? If so, do you no longer care about him or her? "as if they leave me alone." Please expand on this, what I assume is intended to be a sentence. "I do + 608 more characters
Is it really a 0.5K and not a 5K?
Should Canada learn of Montana's racism hiding in plain sight Canada would reject any such offer. url [Edited by Tucker Bolton (2/21/2019 10:03:06 AM)]
I continue to hope that someone will put him out of our misery.
What he said? eye am knot shure I understood it. Dew ewe understood it? If you do, wood youse plese explan it two me? thank you very much.
OJ, Gunnar, urge or not urge, argue for or against, there is no right or wrong. The money will win every time. In case I didn't mention it, "the money will win." My money is on the money. Wanna bet on + 31 more characters
Yes but can it cook?
Zombies, Def, Nicks, Cure. This may be the worst year yet. Def Leopard feels like voting against the lesser of two evils in a political election. I'm with Gunnar on John Prine. I love him but he ain' + 5 more characters
Thanks Gunner, I have always thought about subscribing to the New Yorker. Your link had a discount subscription offer and I took the opportunity to subscribe. The good Kaiser and Don are two peas in a + 116 more characters
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