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jerry e, your post deserves no, zero, nada, zip, response. You have yet again posted accusations without merit or support. What is wrong with you?
Amorette, could you please list the best stuff? It seems to be the the worst of times and the worser of times and today it just got to be bizarre. This is a dark day for America. I worry about the ina + 74 more characters
This may be the most excellent exchange that I have witnessed on MC dot calm. I'm not sure my heart can take it.
Jerry e, should you choose to enter into a pissing contest the following quote is recommended. Damn! I wish I could take credit for this. Hari Kunzru
jerry e, It is time for some defense from you and your camp. Please give us something defensible and coherent. I don't want to pull up my pants and go home but I need something I can respond to. It i + 166 more characters
Jerry e said; Jerry e' I would love to respond but I don't know how. I agree with you, calling someone retarded is not just harsh it is offensive. I find it hard to believe that so many people respond + 706 more characters
Can you say delusional? I knew you could.
Bravissimo! Well stated, please expand. I've actually met a republican that didn't like Trump. Though it wasn't in Miles City or even Forsyth.
Jerry e, How short your memory must be. Harken back to a time when Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump were having a three way while *Jimmy Swaggart took photos and masterbated from a peephol + 281 more characters
May the spirit of pleasant, socially responsible, verbal intercourse enter my psyche and stop me before I tumble down the precipice of denigrating discourse. My keyboard feels like napalm to the touch + 26 more characters
It is always great hearing from you, Richard. I am aware how much change you have experienced. Your perspectives are always interesting. I hope all is well in New Mexico. Cheers
Though I have really enjoyed this exchange, I'm gonna pull up my pants and go home. I have a lot of food for thought. I kept hoping Richard Bonine would join in. I always enjoy his perspective. Steve, + 161 more characters
Should we name this post and move it. I don't remember what Rob Shipley posted.
Steve, regarding your post to Bridgier, what do you think the tipping point would be to reverse the polarity or backlash from or of divergent views. I don't see a psychic change happening. It seems co + 906 more characters
Bridgier and David, Steve gave my this link. url It's a good read, well stated and thought provoking. It is an excellent link re socialism and democratic socialism in scandinavia. It clears up what I + 400 more characters
(Evil laughter) Bwaaaahahahaha. Drops mic. Damn it, I said that I would stop.
Steve, If you read the second sentence in my last paragraph you will find, I will. I suspect that ronaldr or jerry E have dropped out and will not be joining this thread again. They bring out my wor + 821 more characters
Steve, Sadly, culture cannot be legislated or mandated. If it were that would be the new line drawn in the sand. My dream would be to see if there are better routes to change the culture. I think tha + 904 more characters
Steve, You are right I made the mistake of comparing it to religion. It is a political construct that I embrace philosophically. I say philosophically because I am aware that the US is to steeped in t + 887 more characters
The Jeffersonian construct was to build a wall (hypothetical, unlike tRumps) between government and and religion. Jerry e, keep in mind that socialism is a philosophy, not a religion. It does not belo + 1017 more characters
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Olive, sorry about your missing dog. It might be helpful to edit your post and include a description, size, color etc. I hope she can find her way home. We lost an Airedale a few years ago. She was ca + 40 more characters