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Hal! Go to your room right this minute and think about what you have done.
Freedom from religion.
Amorette, don't you mean nucular?
Felix, I have been on a drug called Zoloft for thirty plus years. Sertraline is used to treat depression, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety d + 937 more characters
Hell to the Nah. Statistically, crime has decreased in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. I suspect that the above quote is more your opinion. It sounds like an opinion. Don't make me + 354 more characters
Although those that serve and feel they served with honor must ask if why they served was honorable. As a Vietnam veteran that served early in that conflict I have learned that there was nothing honor + 1063 more characters
RIP She was truly a grand lady with a heart and mind to match. (even if she did throw popcorn at me during the Film Festivals.)
Was there one? If so, was it well attended and could someone post pics? I have a vested interest.
I liken them to the "Walkers" on the series, "Walking Dead", after they have been dispatched via a fatal brain brain trauma.
WOW! just F---ing WOW, stunning. They should donate those old seats to the prison system and require catheterized, shackled, recidivist, prisoners to a week of an uninterrupted diet of Scotch eggs and + 130 more characters
Keep in mind that you are referring to the organization that facilitated the successful, sheltering and the ferreting away (out of the country} high ranking Nazi's following WW2. Why would you be surp + 258 more characters
Putin is an ass we're paying for it in gas Ukraine pays with lives
RE Lawrence Welk, Calcutta video. This is a must see.
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Dolly Parton?....Seriously, really? Rage Against the Machine Judas Priest Beck Devo Pat Benatar Duran Duran Honestly, are we running low on rockers?
It is time the few, the brave and the bright, critical thinkers of Miles City stopped suffering fools. You are stronger than I,Gunga Din. I had to flee the scene.
Glenna and I are headed out again. We checked out of our apartment today and tomorrow we travel to Denver. We will visit friends and family for a week or two then head to Springfield, Oregon. We are g + 444 more characters
We will be living on a sailboat in Florence if our loan is approved. If not we hope so settle somewhere on the central coast. My son lives in Springfield not far from Homer and Marj.
Otium has a new double IPA that really tickles my fancy. The color is a clear, bright amber and has a much mellower taste than most most doubles despite its 8.4 abv. The finish is slightly citrus with + 411 more characters
Hansen, I like to look for the same things in the beer I drink as I do in wine. Bouquet, taste, color, clarity and finish are all important. There are no legs to look for but there is a head from a co + 149 more characters
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