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Yes Jerry, he has been a bull. He is a bull on Wall Street with his ill gotten gains and his billionaire sycophants. If you meant bully, he is that as well.
Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, My mind simply reels at your quick wit. It only blushes compared to your droll humor and mastery of the queens english. God damn it man, I admire you.
Well, Jerry, my dear boy, I would have expected no less of you than an intelligent answer. Could you please reply with a point by point rebuttal explaining your bone of contention with the statements + 100 more characters
It is obvious I am not the author. It is devoid of sarcasm and my attempts to slip past the censorship. It is long, well stated and as a non-christian, I appreciate it. I appreciate it a ton. Powerful + 3870 more characters
An inkling of hope.
Our son Sean was born in 1968. We paid for him up front. Doctor, hospital and all the trimmings cost us $500.00. Last year, I spent an hour and a half in the ER for toxic chemical in my eye and the bi + 281 more characters
Ah, damn it Earl. You have spoiled a perfectly good, old school Miles City dot calm pissing contest. Cheers
Appalling, yet sadly, not surprising.
Do you have a venue, as yet?
I had to shop at the evil empire (Wal-Mart) today, out of necessity. I would guess that 15% of the shoppers were wearing masks. 0% of the teenagers were masked and there was no social distancing effor + 628 more characters
When we moved back to MC two months ago there were no reported cases in Custer county. We now have 34. I see citizens of MC every time I go to the grocery store or Mal-wart enter and walk with impuni + 373 more characters
There once was a gentleman named Schott That could be a bit of a snot He's a good enough man and a bit of a ham he served Tuck a well deserved verbal slam
I remember starting this thread years ago and then I stopped posting because the limericks just stopped. Now I am guilty,as well. I even tried a one line at a time, limerick thread. Someone would star + 247 more characters
CBS is so sly He composes his rhymes on the fly With no more compunction for form or function ** **He writes crap like the above and as he says "That is would be right." Drops Mic. BTW, where is Wend + 120 more characters
There was an old man from Denver who thought he'd heft Montana forever but women are strong and Tucker was wrong. so he's back by the Yellowstone River.
Wendy, gets no cheers. Remember that by twelve years? She purloined my verse.
Tucker is back in town. Let's give Haiku one more shot. Limericks too, why not?
to no soshialism is two no what is happening too amarica. that is if i am reeding cnn right. Besides how can we crate jobs that people dont want anyway.I want to do what it takes too get owner country + 88 more characters
Rob,If you're not careful You are going to end up like everyone's buddy up here, Eric Brandt. He was just sentenced in Denver And he's a waiting another trial when he gets out. In the interim He's sta + 267 more characters
I threw up in my mouth a little.
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