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Last week of waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!! It truly is the hardest part Tom.
I would like to thank everyone who put on or attended the concert in Terry on Friday night. I know Dan Sampson, the Clintons, and myself all had a great time. Things like that don't happen without gre + 80 more characters
Saturday June 5th at 6:00pm there will be a BBQ out at the Golf coarse. The Entertainment, to follow at 7:00pm, will be provided by Brian Hubble, Marie Rivard, Dan Sampson, Phil Smith, and Sam Hould. + 300 more characters
You all have pulled the very thoughts from my head. For years I have put up with Griz fans and their over the top attitude. There is no thick and thin in them. One loss and their ready to skin the hea + 640 more characters
Thank you For asking Brian....They both are a big pile of @#$%. Man I REALLY love hating the Griz.
Can anybody tell me what the Grizzlies and #2 have in common?
You really did great up there Brian. I hope you can make it again this Friday.
The Olive sounds nice but if I were to pick a place it would be a non smoking environment. I loved singing at the book store because I could still talk the next day.
I heard from a friend that Open Mic at the book store is gone for good. I knew it was coming but I am still sad. I would just like to thank Joe, and everyone who helped him, for keeping it open for so + 215 more characters
It is sad that there isn't a micro brew in town anymore... but when your not happy doing something you don't keep doing it. You get out and move on. Don't be too hard on a guy for that.
Or, Tucker, has it just started to get interesting!!
That's a little scary. I don't watch a lot of television but I will be skipping right over the Fox network from now on. Not that I really watched it before but tot think that one man has that much con + 52 more characters
A true Apache wouldn't have let that much nature be trampled for anything as ridiculous as that.
Well, It's official. Two weeks in a row the music has been crazy good. If anyone out there has missed it....Sorry. I don't know how long we can keep this streak alive... but next Friday might be a goo + 176 more characters
Jackie, I think you broke my dad's heart when you didn't sing with he and Phil. It was good to see you though. I'll tell him hello for you. Sam
Hey yall, Last Friday was one great night for music in Miles City. I don't know if we can get that lucky two weeks in a row but it's worth a trip down (just in case). Hope to see you there. Sam
I agree with Joe but here's a win win. Stop the water flow down the Missouri, fill Fort Peck, and hold the water Ransom. Let the River Boat Casino's and barge traffic fight the Corp. We could line a b + 262 more characters
Hey Jared, I have some pictures from 94/95 that you might want to look at. Give me a call some time. Sam
I have been into Guy Clark, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, and Gordon Lightfoot. If your looking for something new, try: They're just a few of the songs I have been wr + 41 more characters
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Mr. Stone-- Thanks man. The name of the song you are thinking of is "Old Friends". Wow, the Drabin, I haven't said that in a long time. I did just see Rob about two weeks ago. He, his boy, and his wif + 254 more characters
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