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Why David, can't you figure out who this is, you being so smart and all?
In trying to protect my friend, and curious as to why David was calling her Vicki, I am now at the center of wolves BUT you are all loyal friends of the mayor, should be proud of yourselves as you hav + 177 more characters
I wasn't aware of the harassment lawsuits. Thank you for pointing that out so fucking rude.
Yeah, I started it, so who is invading it? You didn't put enough trolls.
Why thank you
I've never watched it but nice that you enjoy it.
Because in a political race, anything is news.
For that, I apoligize.
Josh, to be honest, I have never had a ticket. Doesn't make me perfect, but just to answer that. You said the mayor didn't try to hide the ticket. He hid driving with no license and no insurance until + 212 more characters
Oh, does the major take lunch from 12 to 1 or 1 to 2 as I see he posted on here at 1:30.
I'll bet if the mayor had hit you with no insurance, you would be singing a different tune! True, all politicians have some type of skeltons, but some people have sure been digging on Mr. Uden and Mr. + 556 more characters
Honest? He drove without a license and no insurance....
"Tori" is for Victoria. My last name is Myers. Now, do you know anything more than you did?
Surely the Mayor didn't get a ticket yesterday with him being in the race for Mayor again....and I don't believe in gossip.
Thank you for posting as my dog is deathly afraid of storms.
Same ole rude people seem to always be on here
I like, "The Montana" midget
Marcy, that is what we did and it did the job!
Two sump pumps later, a lot of work, a lot of tears, we are doing okay - for now. Thanks. I wish you luck!
Julie, I feel your pain.
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