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Call Loveda at (406)951-2683 to arrange a ride!
Bible School is coming to Sunday School. Starting January 8th at 10AM and all the Sundays to follow! Contact Loveda Sawyer at [email protected] for more information.
I guess there's no accounting for taste.
Financial Peace University Classes begin at the Miles City First United Methodist Church on September 13. Previews on August 30 and September 6 at 7PM. You can receive back $25 of the $99 tuition by a + 307 more characters
Register online here url
Vacation Bible School at the Miles City First United Methodist Church. Find out more here url Or here url
Be Alive is an evening of fun and food with the best Christian musicians in the area. See you there! Sunday, June 26th, 5:30 to ??? in the back yard of the United Methodist Church of Miles City (just + 23 more characters
Comrade, you know very well that the heat was off in the basilica when that picture was taken.
Go ahead, Wendy. Tell him how to spell judgmental.
As a United Methodist Minister, I can't help but wonder if Judson Phillips' pastor or even fellow members of his local church were noticeably upset when Phillips resigned his membership in the United + 17 more characters
The reactivity on this thread, and others, makes me think the folks might be winning.
I find it most interesting, though not surprising, that the the higher the level of education you have achieved the more likely you are to believe in process theology/evolution-- i.e. that humans evol + 31 more characters
Many people, Christian people, even conservative Christian people, have changed their position on this issue after hearing four words: "Mom, Dad, I'm gay."
This article by Tim Crane can be found in today's NY Times here url There is a story about Bertrand Russell giving a public lecture somewhere or other, defending his atheism. A furious woman stood up + 11758 more characters
What is it expanding into?
Classes begining in September, Free preview August 31 at the United Methodist Church. Call 874-3502 for more information. For more information look here url
Julie can't be gone! I love Julie!
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