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Hey junk man, your section of this website is over there on the right side -->
Well look who's out of jail.
Florida man asks cops to test his illegal drugs
"He had a ‘bad reaction’ to meth — so he asked cops for their help" url
If alcoholism was contagious, Jerry, you'd be banned from public places.
There are over 250 businesses on the list. I have better things to do with my time than try to prove they are all Democrats. Have at it, Phil.
Phil's critical thinking skills are a little lacking. In a county that gave 72% of its vote to Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, he needs "proof" that some of the Miles City business own + 284 more characters
Has anyone ever done a study on the downwind impact that the Colstrip Power Plants' emmissions had on the Powder River County population?
It was a dig on the man who called our armed services members "suckers and losers". Why you people want to defend that I do not understand.
Tom Skidoo skedaddled. Maybe he's at Wal-mart getting some masks.
This makes me think of a certain church here in town.
I love the smell of desperation on a crisp fall day.
I always knew Pence was a shithead.
Mike, can you tell us why surgeons wear masks while performing surgery?
Which bar do they all hang out at?
Fuck that. Flush that fat, orange turd down the golden toilet in November and let's really MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
Looks like someone is typing while intoxicated again.
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