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stable genius
This one is for Busch Light...
Jesus Christ, Busch, only 6pm and you're already drunk as a skunk.
The 25 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct
I think Scooter was late for his deworming appointment at the veterinarian's office.
As my grandfather used to say, "It just goes to show, not all nuts fall from the same tree."
Looks like a fine specimen of Higdonite to me.
That rabbit is saying "I can't believe my ears!" That's no dumb bunny.
RE: 401k one year ago
in General Discussion
Ed hasn't matured past middle school.
Mark Hilderbrand is my pick. He has the right stuff to be a judge.
Tester also helped secure funding to build the Southwest Montana Veterans Home in Butte. But, yeah, he hasn't done a damn thing for Montana's veterans.
Giddyup one year ago
in Humor, Jokes & Games
Holy shit, the school district just called and they want you to stop claiming to be a product of their education.
Twinkletoes is upset that after 40 years his name is no longer posted on his middle school wall.
Are Snowball and RR01 the same person or is it really possible for a town the size of Miles City to produce TWO colossally stupid people?
Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby?
Do they allow goats in trailer parks?
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