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Yes, Put a webcam in the casino. That would be cool. I really enjoyed the Celler while in Miles City.
I drank Buddahs tears and laid in the sun I dreamed of laughter, love, and fun Buddahs tears will protect you and give you bad dreams Buddahs tears will destroy you and make you a fiend.
I could only imagine. I just wish Bart would have posted what was on his mind. I hope I didnt offend any Citians. Are you we talking about the same Miles City Tuck? Hee Hee
web cam ? 19 years ago
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Are there any webcams in Miles City? I would love to log in and watch people scratching their butts in front of the casino.
The road to wisdom paved with wrinkles sadness and joy Happy Holidays
I believe that the Republican party is a political party that reports to corporations. Not a way of life.
thunder brings morning echoes across the ocean
restful time comes soft as buddahs tears gently roll
unheard daybreak cry snowflake softly lands
darkness longs for light the eclipse makes darkner still calming before the light
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