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Gunnar... I think I was just in a mood that day lol... Mostly, I just found it very funny at the moment.
*you're If people are going to respond in a thread with this comment, which a lot of people do around the internet, they really need to make sure the spelling is correct for the context of "you are." + 45 more characters
Why does it matter? Why should anyone here insist that they know who the other person is? Who cares? How does it help out in the real world? The amount of ACTIVE users on this site is very minimal an + 1180 more characters
Well... if you like Star Wars and want to see a cheaply made Star Wars Fan Film? Well... check mine out. It's 22 minutes long so grab a cup of coffee, view it full screen and turn your volume up a lit + 242 more characters
I make these mainly for friends and family so they can keep tabs on how the kids have grown up since everyone lives far away. Enjoy [Edited by SeptyTwo (1/18/2020 9:56:18 PM)]
I was driving home and found the box in the middle of 11th st by eagles manor. It was open and the papers were strewn about, almost someone accidentally drove off with the box on top of their car. Not + 241 more characters
Absolutely this one of the best games ever! I am actually on my third play-thru. I only play about an hour a day now though, so be careful, you play this game, and 8 hours have passed by and it's time + 21 more characters
Any attorney worth his salt would know right away about the rights of a website's ownership on a website such as this. Don't confuse public with... public. This is a private website that is freely acc + 760 more characters
I have to agree with the person above me. Pricing, always on (for me anyways)... no caps on bandwidth, and if you use Netflix and Hulu and other streaming apps a LOT, you are better off with CenturyLi + 118 more characters
url [Edited by SeptyTwo (5/26/2018 2:41:48 PM)]
Lots of people at the same time tried to watch the Cam... most likely bogging down the bandwidth and that's why some of you had trouble viewing. Then, with just boring traffic being shown, everybody s + 90 more characters
I flew back From Arkansas yesterday and like usual, had the first stop in Denver, before going to Billings. Anywho, Flying in, and in the terminal looking out the windows, you could not see the Rockie + 51 more characters
Coworker has an app listing fires... It basically said there is big fire 35 miles SE of Miles City and another big fire 45 miles NW of Broadus... It didn't give any more specifics than that. But it se + 78 more characters
Calm looking river in the background url
Thing was hard to keep steady! Click the link for a full size version url
[Edited by SeptyTwo (8/8/2017 9:27:00 PM)]
Sweet... then... Good One!
Please do, if that will make you feel better. This thread started out as a discussion for the tragedy in Florida and NOW it is just people attacking people, here on this forum, which was my point with + 748 more characters
C'mon Y'all... just...
[Edited by SeptyTwo (6/22/2016 5:36:41 PM)] [Edited by SeptyTwo (6/22/2016 5:38:20 PM)]
Hah! I get that reference!
That is LITerally the---- sadf voaejgkl (sorry fainted) ---best news!
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