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It's a systemic problem of, as this article says "Monopolistic Science". Most of the money comes from the federal government... ultimately from Y.O.U. url References: Climate Change Science Program, + 674 more characters
But it IS product-based science, the product is the research report. University research is a publish or perish environment. And if you are publishing findings outside of what your benefactors want t + 2528 more characters
In product based research, say herbicide weed efficacy, it is common for a university to find the a product "superior" when the company made a bigger donation to the university research department. Ha + 177 more characters
I think the question of why it took so long is valid. If what Mr. Bundy did is so terrible he should have been arrested long ago. Waiting two years and then arresting him seems corigraphed for theater + 29 more characters
"Anyways, I'm VERY excited to see where this HGH investigation goes - it will be interesting to see if all the haters who spent the last year flogging 'deflategate' will have the same level of dudgeon + 678 more characters
"You do realize that in 13 states, Urinating in public puts you on the sex offender list. That means, 89.6% of the men at The Bucking Horse Sale are technically sex offenders if you go by that logic. + 171 more characters
I disagree. We need to eliminate events like the superbowl that promote debauchery and violent sports like football.
If you are on this list, you are on this list and what you did apparently doesn't matter. You all seem to be suggesting that people on this list ought to be treated according to there specific incide + 106 more characters
In other words, you can sexually violate a child and we will hang a scarlet letter around your neck, but it is illegal for anyone to harass or point out that you have a scarlet letter around your neck + 294 more characters
Thank you Firestarter for doing your patriotic duty to keep the residents of Miles City informed and safe. And nevermind these liberal neanderthals trying to shout and shut you down.
I am appalled by several things superbowl related; -as Snickers already stated, the disrespect Cam showed for the FLAG and the National Anthem is in poor taste. -Peyton "PitchManning" promoting the us + 1001 more characters
Don't post here much but noticed that Richard Bonine Jr has posted most of the "jokes". I was wondering which one he thought was the funniest he's ever posted?
Fucking waste of HAZWOPER training if you ask me.
True. The difference though is like cable and directTV.
Any ideas?
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