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I would suggest Charlotte Muri at 1st impressions. She does a great job and if you are picky about how your hair is cut she is the person to do it. She will listen to you on what you want to have done + 139 more characters
There is a position posted on the State job listing for a coordinator of the Miles City Data Center right now. I saw workers over there the other day doing some work. So it looks like things are movin + 8 more characters
I voted also!
Mrs Harvey. She has been with this class since they were in 7th grade. She moved to the high school when they became freshman. She is an awesome person and the class really likes her.
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Sanjel has had a camp in Williston for a long time they are just expanding it. The Miles City camp will still be up and running and have crews working out of here is my understanding.
I also agree Doug Neuhoff is awesome. He was my OB/GYN for my 2 older boys and is great. Really easy to talk to. He is like Dr Rauh in the fact that he will sit and talk to you for as long is necessar + 44 more characters
We went there on this past saturday and it had quite a few kids. The fullest I have seen it in a long time. I bet there were 20 kids at least there. What I noticed that was nice is if you have a child + 355 more characters
The Social Security people are at the senior Citizen drop in center the 1st wednesday of every month from 9:30 until??? They will leave if nobody shows up so go early. So they will be there July 1st t + 13 more characters
Both of my high school kids are going to apply this year. There really needs to be lifeguards down there this year due to all the problems they had last year.
You may want to talk to the Rocks Program as I have heard stories about things that happened when they were setting up for the haunted house in the upstairs of the Elks building. It would be Joyce Ver + 208 more characters
If you cannot make it to Wednesday evenings sign-up. Please call Mary Hurr @853-0042 to get your child signed up.
3RD & 4TH GRADE GIRLS & BOYS FLAG FOOTBALL SIGN-UPS Girls and Boys Flag Football sign-ups will be Tuesday, August 26th and Wednesday, August 27th @ the Eagles Basement room north side entrance from 5 + 553 more characters
3rd & 4th grade Flag Football sign-ups will be the 1st week of school we coordinate with the Little Guy football program and co-locate our sign-ups. If you would like further information please give m + 151 more characters
You can go to to get the game schedules for all the teams in the Miles City Youth Baseball Program.
I wanted to thank everyone for there generous support last evening! It was very overwhelming the amount of people that showed up and the amount of money that we raised for my niece and her family. We + 246 more characters
We are getting all kinds of wonderful things for the auction. 2 nights @ Chico Hot Springs with dinner for 2 at the restaurant, 1 day guided fishing trip @ hellcreek, 1 nights stay in a 2 room suite a + 366 more characters
Thank you so much for the wonderful response we have had. Our community is truely a gift from God for the Hurr family. We can still use some more items for the Dessert, Silent and Live Auction. If yo + 228 more characters
Unfortunately there is not a date problem. We have been planning this since my niece was put in the hospital. I have been in contact with a member of the softball association and we are working togeth + 125 more characters
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