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hmmm.....a name like "bridgier" ? Well, good luck. I guess your too stupid to even know how to spell Bridger.
there is no case. they got freedom....oh yeah there was that little thing called the civil war...No one should receive a dime 150 years afterward....one of the stupidest articles ever linked here...bu + 35 more characters
"My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus"- Frank Zappa.
aquaman attempting to ford the powder river in a chevy.....he was not successful.
most folks see this county by driving down the highway.....they never see the real beauty....
my favorite little spot, rural powder river county, Montana.
kind of hard to believe it had a mid-air explosion. all four crewman parachuted to safety. gravity took over after the crew bailed out and the B1 crashed over in Carter County.
my family have stopped and eaten at this place. Once. because I wont give a place like that a second chance. the service was poor, and slow. and we were not in a crowded place. when the food finally a + 268 more characters
well, its only natural that the crime rate will continue to soar, with the influx of people due to the BAKKEN oil field development. kinda sad. with that said...Good Luck Chief!
Elitch Gardens will never be the same after they moved from 38th and Tennyson over to the S.Platte River valley near downtown. I tried to visit the new park once......I got so disgusted I left. Lakesi + 405 more characters
George Zimmerman for President!
George Zimmerman for President!
the sheriff will not address this issue. because he could care less what you or I think. having complained about my concerns and watching how the sheriff dealt with the problem showed me the answer to + 318 more characters
wow....that was epic.
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I used to live in a city that had a remarkable frisbee golf course. right inside the city park. it was well laid out, with 9 holes. IF Miles City were to build a course, I would travel to play. Frisbe + 18 more characters
"all of you wops......get offa my lawn!" first news release from the new pope.
RE: TRECO 10 years ago
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because TRECO is an absolute joke. thats why. TRECO is not governed by anyone, as a co-op they pretty much can screw you over with complete immunity. Once, I lost power 145 times over a 30 day period. + 550 more characters
pretty expensive teeth, Don. a simple walk in the pastures will net you alot of these things.
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