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Thank you. Do you know the name of the salon? I don't live in Miles City.
I am looking for a hair dresser that does a great job with bleached, over-processed hair. Any ideas?
Some people just always have to play the race card. I don't think it has gosh darn thing to do with how people feel about him now. All politicians say what you want to hear, doesn't mean they will do + 243 more characters
Boy, I despise people that think they know everything and feel the need to belittle everyone else's opinion.
Is there a place in Miles City that does body piercing? I don't need the piercing, just want to buy earrings. Thanks!
I am looking to buy the material for my daughter to make a fleece tie blanket. Will be in there some time today.
Thank you!
I was wondering if there is a place in Miles City to buy fabric, besides Wal-mart.
Ignoranus! Good one, I'm going to start using that if you don't mind. I am surrounded by many.
I think that some of you are missing the point or don't have children this age. Having a picture posted on the internet or sent across the country via cell phone is a very real possibility. I think it + 543 more characters
Thank you! I will be giving them a call on Monday! Of course my daughter would actually like all the trips to Billings and missing all day of school. Is his office in Billings easy to get to?
Any recommendations for one in Miles City? I dislike the idea of having to run to Billings all the time! Thanks.
I still haven't gotten a new printer. This one has decided it would work once in a while. I do mostly black and white printing, some photos and documents. Have to fax every once in a while too. This o + 448 more characters
My hp all in one printer is having a hardware malfunction. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would be a good replacement? Thanks, Lisa
Thanks for all the recommendations! I think I will start at the top and start calling. Oh, but I think I will skip the Flowbee, might try it on my husband someday though. Also thanks for letting me kn + 43 more characters
I am looking for a new hairstylist in Miles City, one that is good with curly hair. The one I used to go to moved away and I haven't found the right person yet. Any suggestions? Also wondering if ther + 68 more characters
We just ate at Mexico Lindo for the first time yesterday. We loved it! The only reason we ate there was because of all the good stuff everyone on here had to say about it, thank you!
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