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What kind of team are you talking about?
Wouldn't mind trying it one time.
good for him. Not to many people talk pride in thier work, glad he does
With all the pro Albertsons that Kacy is giveing out I'm starting to think that she works there and just wants to put walmart down hopeing to improve sales for her employer's.
Went to Wal-Mart tonight and had to look for army men, they only had 3 pack's of 55 men, with air support. No dead guys, white germans only one machine gunner. But I did buy all 3 packs that I found. + 123 more characters
SHould have put the sign at the old Ben Franklin's, that would have got more people talking.
Whatever happend to fridaynights at the fights with the boxing?
lol I love YouTube
Well, I got those ticketts on both doors today. My feelings about this topic is that church is for people who haven't been to hell yet. And they think that if for 2 hours a week they gather in a spaci + 47 more characters
I agree with K.D. Why is it that people who have no job, no willingness to work, you always see them around town throughing goverment money around like it's nothing because the goverment will always b + 52 more characters
So are there going to be life gaurds this year or not? I would think that people would want to start talking about it about now so everything can be in place when the weather gets good enough to open + 10 more characters
When driving/walking around, getting a thumbs-up from pete the old man who always walked around town.
No, I don't drive, I feel that it destroys the world with all the pollution that they put out, I just start out 5 min. early and walk.
Yea, Lorin, the army was to busy sending me to place's that have problems the U.S thinks we need to fix teach me gramar and spelling, but don't worry your tax dollars did send me to cool place's I''m + 752 more characters
Well Bobby, I thought you were going to invite me over for a beer and we could talk our problems out, guess not. I want to meet Toni sometime, I like her.
Well, first and for most I admit I'm a jerk, a$$hole, what ever name you want to give me, the diffrence between me and you all is I accpect what I am. Bob-I happen to think Bill o'riely is a great guy + 909 more characters
Why is it that no matter how bad it is in the U.S we always jump at the chance to help someone else in a country that most people could not point out on a map. But when something happens so our own co + 158 more characters
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