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Congrats Basil and Babs from the Esteves family. Alex, Alicia, Gabe, Brendan, Mary and Art.
I went to MSUB and had an opportunity to work with Stacy while I was in student government and he is awesome! He is a huge advocate for students and I think he will offer a lot to MCC.
Is there anything specific you are looking to be donated?
Saw some work from the shop and soooo looking forward to getting one that doesnt require a tank of gas just to go to Billings to get one!
Seriously, its pretty sad when you have to make a sarcastic comment about a tragedy. But im sure you were amused.
I have had alot of friends comment on how good of a Doctor DR. McMillan is at Holy Rosary. A number of my friends have been pregnant and used him, he has alot of experience.
No but there food is delicious so im guessing it would be just as good if they catered.
She was an amazing person and brought so much to those around her. I was blessed to call Andrea one of my best friends as well as seen what happiness she brought to my life and to many others. I miss + 184 more characters
I would love to see: 1. Kohls 2. Payless-better shoe variety than just basketball shoes and walmart 3. Olive Garden 4. Hobby Lobby 5. Target Places i love that are here: 1. Mexico Lindo 2. Maurices 3. + 23 more characters
I am the maid of honor in my friends wedding. She is the one who is pregnant and was worried about the fitting of her dress. The place where she got her dress actually said to get fitted two weeks pri + 143 more characters
I don't think i ever thought that my grandpa would finally retire. He has been saying this for years and my dad didnt believe it til he my grandpa told him he turned in the papers to retire. My grandp + 300 more characters
47. Black Light 48. Freezer Burn 49. Crash Landing 50. Criminal Justice 51. Old News 52. PeaceKeeper Missle 53. Free Trade 54. Only Choice 55. Original Copies 56. Clearly Confused 57. Hell's Angels 58 + 49 more characters
I had to have my thyroid taken out when i was in junior high and the MAYO Clinic was were i had my surgery. The hospital is top notch and the staff there did a wonderful job of taking care of me while + 134 more characters
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