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adgi There may be alot of poeple that are happy to go to BC but its not for BC itself, its the Doctors who in which do put thier patients first, the Docs are not all that happy at BC and have not been + 185 more characters
Thanks for the wonderful support for Dr Rauh, he has taken care of alot of us women in the community and beyond with his expertise. It goes to show that no matter how BC sees it, this community is fam + 143 more characters
Greg has been at Holy Rosary for 6 years this spring.
Does anyone remember Bill Hawk? I would have to vote Bobby Kenny~ young and old alike, everyone knows Bobby!
jkuhl No he hadn't heard of this, probably because he retired from the police force in 1986. I believe you about the liecense plate light thing, just got the wrong Ed. Sorry Jeff Newby you as well ha + 16 more characters
JKUHL I asked ED C. if he was the cop that pulled people over for "No License Plate Light" and he said it wasn't him, expired plates yes, funny....i've never heard of such a thing and neither had he, + 82 more characters
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