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What are the Gas Prices in Miles City? I tried to look it up on montanagasprices, but nothing for Miles City. I am coming that way, soon and I would like to know. Thanks. Minnesota gas price, right n + 21 more characters
Wish I wasn't working 70 hours a week. I need a vacation. Maybe in the new year.
When is it going to snow and stick, so I can go skiing.
My point in starting this was to show people that each city has something to offer people and not all cities are for everyone. I guess I was just tired of all the insults. There are so many cites/to + 195 more characters
Thought that would get your attention. You would think with all the people of Western Montana insulting ALL of Eastern Montana, that Eastern Montana would be better than that. I like ALL of Eastern + 726 more characters
Sorry to hear about your water problem. I am happy you are still open. When I come to Montana, I always stop at your store for supplies for my 2 dogs (babies). They are small and you have the things + 80 more characters
Glendive is a fine city. I plan on moving to Glendive, next Summer. Miles City is nice also, just too busy and too costly for me. Give me the Peace and Quiet of Glendive. I visit Glendive 6 times a + 68 more characters
MR Wal-Mart, that is where I would stay. KOAs are noisey, too many people drinking and littering, People yelling and fighting. No Peace at KOAs. Have you ever tried to drive and park in a KOA? Give m + 27 more characters
I have found that Glendive has welcomed us rvers with opens arms. I haven't stayed in Miles City, But I have shopped there, a lot. A Lot of rv parks are hard to get in and out of and it is easier to + 510 more characters
William, Yes, let outlaw smoking, drinking, eating, driving, working where you want to, livings where you want to. Yes, William, let's just outlaw "CHOICE". If you are tired of this smoking thing, + 496 more characters
I am a non-smoker, too, but I am not better than smokers and they have RIGHTS, too. Don't want to be around smokers, go somewhere else. Work where there is no smoking and from what I understand. Smok + 1289 more characters
I just thought I would let people know that, Minnesota has now passed a 75 cent per pack FEE. Our state vowed NO new taxes, So they have chosen the wording of FEE. I guess if you need more money for + 149 more characters
As we head back to Montana for a visit. It got me to think. Beth said that Children under 18 in October will no longer be allowed in places that have smoking. What will happen to the Buisnesses in th + 937 more characters
I have heard all the stuff on smoking and was tired of it. I have read how drinking doesn't effect anyone, except the drinker, WRONG. I guess the Father who was drunk and set his childrens toys on fir + 746 more characters
When and Where will the 4th of July parade be at? Does Miles City have Fireworks, too? We will the there the 4th July weekend with some Friends of ours. Thanks.
Dinking does effect everyone. You drive the roads with people who drink and drive. I may not smoke, but I would rather be in a place where people have the Freedom to smoke, than be on the road with a + 290 more characters
Drinking effects people, too. should we ban that, too. Many things bother people, should we make those all banned, too. Where do we draw the line?? How much more freedom are you will to give away?? + 20 more characters
The BAR OWNERS in MINNESOTA are going to COURT over our Smoking Ban. Certain Counties have Smoking Bans and they (THE STATE)want to make the whole state smoke free. I say NO, NO, NO.....!!!!!!! Maybe + 731 more characters
I like eating Oyster Stew at CC's and eating at the Trailstar on Hwy 16. in Glendive.
Wouldn't want to go without food and water. Just give me Lethal Injection, just like the people on death row. It is quick and I wouldn't suffer.
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