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Wayde Steven Carlson was born April 7, 1960 at Holy Rosary Hospital in Miles City. He was the son of Arnold (Carl) and Bernie Freimark Carlson. He grew up and attended school in Miles City. He then wo + 1360 more characters
I have a lot of good memories of Kelly's. They had a very tall blonde dj who worked there once a week. He played disco music among other things. Shorty Spang and his band played there frequently. The + 392 more characters
I have two small walmart bags that need to get to Miles City. Anyone going on Sunday the 30th that would be willing to take them? I can meet you anywhere in Billings. Thank you.
Johnny Whitbeck. I remember my mom taking my grandma's expensive watch to him to be fixed. He claimed he never had it. It did not end well. [Edited by Kacey (9/15/2018 10:39:30 PM)]
Misibo..you and I are talking about two different events. I was never running across the parking lot screaming. I was laying on the sidewalk. Two girls picked me up. I went to a friend's vehicle. No o + 90 more characters
This morning a man called in on Tradio in Billings. He said they found an old Furstnow saddle. In new condition. It had been stored for 70 years according to the caller. Anyone who is interested in Fu + 82 more characters
My dear friend, Shelley was brutally murdered this last week. I have been trying to wrap my head around the fact that this horrible thing happened to the sweetest, most giving person I know. She had b + 679 more characters
I remember going to high school and having to be there at 7 for my first class. I had a break in the middle of the day and didn't get out until four. It was dark when I left for school and almost dark + 50 more characters
We all know there are lots of reasons why the district isn't getting funding it needs. Those are not my points right now. My point is that I have kids in the Miles City school district. They deserve t + 385 more characters
I guess I will explain this simply. The March for Our Lives was to draw attention to the fact that kids are tired of being killed in school. Your analogy would only work if you knew for a fact that th + 2053 more characters
The class of 73 is holding our 45th reunion in June. I was given a list of names of classmates who we have lost. I am going to post it and if anyone has any of the obituaries for the ones I am still m + 455 more characters
There will be a 45th reunion for CCHS and SHHS classes of 1973 on June 22-24th. More info will be posted as available. If you have changed your contact information since the last reunion please contac + 32 more characters
The building is in pretty bad shape I was told. I believe Stockman Bank bought it. Lots of memories of many entertaining nights I spent there.
So if your candidates had won you wouldn't consider it because of a polarized country? Amazing. It's just the beginning of people taking back this country from the 1% so hang on. It's going to be a bu + 55 more characters
I would go through the books that are listed at the bottom of the forums page. Dusting Off the Old Ones, and all the others in the History section. Perhaps even make it part of your gift for your fath + 89 more characters
I guess before believing this story I would want to know what really happened. Back then assault could be any number of things, none of which would be taken seriously today. People had manners then. + 185 more characters
I have colored photos of my parents 25th anniversary party that we had at the Crossroads. I miss that place.
Anyone on the road this morning for a road report?
Go to their website. katlradio.com
I have three small packages I'd like to get to MC as soon as possible. Anyone going there today from Billings?
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