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I am so unhappy, I bought a Sunset Straighttalk android prepaid smartphone at Walmart. The first girl who transferred from my other phone, didn't do the pictures or contacts, I went back next day and + 283 more characters
Stower and golf course.
Thank you. She has been a very good Mom. I plan to have her fixed. The vet said spotting is normal and she and the pups should be fine.
My dog 8 years ago
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I have an 11 month old pitbull. She was impregnated by a dog that came in through the doggie door. She had 12 puppies on Sat. and is still losing some blood. I plan to call the vet tomorrow. We are ve + 82 more characters
Does anyone know how near a sink can be to a fuse box or breaker panel.
thank you both.
distance 8 years ago
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How long to drive from Helena to Miles city
i also get these calls.(1) I have told them I no longer have a computer. (2) or I ask them to repeat the company they are with and then i tell them I work with the Police dept. and will be glad to pas + 68 more characters
I have windows 7 not windows 8. I will try the links thank you.
How do I go about getting a restraining order? Also several of my deceased husbands firearms were taken by police during a raid on a rental. Excuses are being made for not giving them back. What can I + 4 more characters
carpet 8 years ago
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We just removed a carpet and would like to know how to remove glued backing from the floor?
thank you Olive she is going to be ok.
I have an older dog who is my baby. lately she has been pooping on her self, she has done this before because of long fur but not the case now. The fecus also has an order to it. As I was checking her + 74 more characters
I got a new computer but it seems the games didn't transfer to it. I sure miss my solitaire the traditional one that comes with the games. It relaxes me to play a game or two before I head to bed. Doe + 40 more characters
Thank you took all of your advise and got it done.
WE bought a small pickup from a neighbor who was moving out of state. He had bought it last year from another person and had a bill of sale. We also did a bill of sale. Unfortunately we do not have a + 115 more characters
Thank you both. I am not computer savy but will try it. Thank you aain.
I want to move everything from my desktop PC to my working laptop that I have used before but not recently. A lot of the files and programs are on my laptop but not updated with new information I have + 104 more characters
Does anyone know what all the sirens were this afternoon?
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