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Is Spell Check a thing of the past?
That's right David. Ants play no part in it. I currently have an entire bouquet of buds sitting on my coffee table and several of them are beginning to open!
Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing ~
My cousin Timothy is SO smart!
Hi Kacey, Bobi Hollowell lives in Texas. You can find her on Facebook as Bobi Florida. Regards ~ Julie
Is this site finished yet? Thanks
And then there's the EXPLOSIVE idiot at Sullivan's furniture.....Note to self.....NEVER trade there again.
Richard, how could anyone possibly think you have bad intentions about anything? You're one of the most well read, funniest people on this site! I'm sure Karen wasn't singling you out. You're too ADOR + 108 more characters
Dear Girl...You are SO one in a million! Truly, it's fear and jealousy that make people stand in judgment of you and your ideals. No fair deviating from the 'status quo!' Makes people wonder what you' + 265 more characters
Hey Sweetie, I just wrote your number down and will definitely give you a call whenever I get my new laptop. Not sure when that will be but you'll get my business. I love hard working, ambitious women + 147 more characters
Wendy ~ Spot On!
Right On Edgewood! A million thanks ~
What's the name of the methamphetamine song that he does? It's so great! Anyone know which one it is? Or even the name of the CD? Thanks much!
Richard, you are ALWAYS spot on!
Al Gore.
RE: Why? 11 years ago
in General Discussion
Tucker for President!
Dr. Susan Mattocks, hands down. Empathetic and compassionate. A true professional. No sugar coating or telling you what you 'want' to hear. She'll get to the root of your issues. Her business card rea + 59 more characters
Richard, you are the absolute cutest! Dare I say...ADORA-BULL!
I LOVE witty people! Too cute.
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