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I had a trauma doctor with me about a week ago and asked him if H1N1 was being blown out of proportion. He said "No, it is no joke and if you have kids 6 mo. to 6 yrs old, pregnant, or have an infant + 538 more characters
Hahhahahahaha, Yummy.
Look at the guy. Saw him on the news and first word to my mind was "shyster". Looks and carries himself like a con man.
Thats funny! Glendive sucks.
Unreal...It would probably be alright if the men touched my wife's breast to guage her suitablility to raise children because you know it is of great importance in "their" culture judging by the numbe + 292 more characters
Hitler used the "Salami Tactic" meaning he kept "slicing" away at the publics mores and sense of decency until he had the whole salami. In incremental stages (slices) people will protest but not enoug + 698 more characters
The self-righteous have surely made their opinion known. It is human nature to inquire and you can't tell me that those with the holier than thou attitudes did not call or contact people from Miles Ci + 323 more characters
anybody know the Hardin/ F-town score?
Cowboys WIN few snaps and it is all over
yes, cowboys intercepted
TOUCHDOWN 26-13 cowboys up, 5 minutes left
Gdive- Actually that is the correct plural form. I am going to go ahead and name you..... Ready? You are going to LOVE this word. Gdive is a "Jethrite" A social climber, often from the Glendive Regio + 444 more characters
Ah, my translucent friends, the irony of the above story escapes your simple minds. Sigh....Thats OK, let me explain it to you. Now turn your pallid heads this way and listen carefully....ready? OK, h + 355 more characters
Wow! Thank you for a great laugh on a Sunday morning. In the 80's we had to ride with the Glendive tennis team from Billings to M.C. as our bus was getting fixed in Billings and they agreed to give us + 3890 more characters
Freudian Slip there Doug.... "That is how he weeded me out" a (1): a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth; especially : one that tends to overgrow or choke + 210 more characters
Hey Doug- Next time you want to slander people be advised it is probably not wise to do so online. Al and Jess are both friends of mine and you are full of ----. Pretty tough for Andrea to fight off u + 210 more characters
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