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Wade!! What's up man? How the heck are you doing? Still in Miles?
Just an update. I found both Jay and Ivan. Anyone know where Todd is? Jay hasn't talked to him in awhile either. MM
Bryce, Tell Brett hi for me, I used to work with him A LOT in New Orleans. We flew MANY training missions. He's a good guy. My email addy is [email protected] if you would pass it on to him ple + 7 more characters
Richard: 1 meg of ram??? More like 1 gig.
Damned......Thanks for the info.
Hmmm...still looking, thanks for the info. 8)
Jeremy, Very odd the people you run into, it's ALWAYS fun to meet someone who knows what you know(especially in the fog of war). You wanna hear something crazy?? Did you ever know Mrs. Jackman?? She + 584 more characters
Not the same Jay Dyba as the one on here, he claims no relation. The Jay Dyba I'm talking about used to run around with Dennis Diggins and Ivan Ramos. In 1996 I came accross these guys in San Diego a + 257 more characters
Does anyone have contact info for eiter Jay Dyba or Ivan Ramos?? I lost track of them in San Diego a couple of years ago when I moved to New Orleans. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Speaking of strip clubs, does Miles City have one? On another note, what ever happened to the 'Wild Horse Pavillion'?
In an attempt as an outsider looking in, I think Miles City has so much potential. It's been over 10 years since I have stepped foot in the great city that I grew up in, but I must say...Miles City ha + 725 more characters
Who currently owns the Olive Hotel?
The Log Cabin is gone?? What is it called now??
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