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Thank you David for putting me over to this link. We did find the owner of the bike. Like I thought it was stolen. Really bad part it belongs to my sons friend that only lives a couple blocks away. If + 201 more characters
we will be there. also trying to talk more families into signing up. Great thing for kids. Teaches them disapline, and also how to pertect themselves.
I am looking for a movie called A Cry Of The Wild. It is based off the book Hatchet By Gary Paulson. If anyone has one that they would like to get rid of, or just let me borrow would be great. My son' + 133 more characters
had a great time. Hope to see you all next year. also want to know more about camp when you get it going.
well I have attended many meetings and it is the same old shit over and over. and to answer the question about who i talked to in helena. well i guess it is the main guy that takes care of all the ins + 166 more characters
I agree. what is so bad about mj? they only have one record of someone dieing from mj, but yet thousands die from alcohol, and smoking every year. so why don't they make it that you can't drink or smo + 41 more characters
I feel that as long as you are using it for a good cause then it isn't bad. Why take pain pill after pain pill, and kill you insides, when you can take a hit of a herb that isn't going to kill you, an + 437 more characters
I myself am getting sick of all the pot holes. I was coming home from the hospital a couple weeks ago, sicker then shit. and hit one of them. Didn't even have time to miss it. Ended up hitting so hard + 1225 more characters
I really can't stand posts like this. We try to teach are kids not to judge others by what they look like. But yet there are many adults out there that need to pratice what they preach. Because they t + 605 more characters
yes i agree that people should clean up and look nice for work. but on your day off, cleaning house, chasing kids, and doing things that most people do. Don't really give a shit bout what they look li + 1082 more characters
I am also doing it this year. However most of the people i know said that they would pay to keep me in. lol. so either way you would like to help. that would be great. help to bail me out, or pay to k + 116 more characters
both of my kids will be signing up this year. my ten year old son wrestled in kindergarden, and won it for his age. sence then it is all he talks about. now my 5 year old girl is a lil scrapper, and i + 189 more characters
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