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Gunnar, I understand your frustration. But what is lost here is that both sides are being downright unreasonable about it. Some cable companies, as well as both major satellite providers, have the NFL + 129 more characters
I love this thread! I missed all of the smack talk pre-game this season. There's not so much of it here in Missoula ... everyone's too much in a hurry. By the way, this just in ... final score from th + 643 more characters
uh ... you are correct. For those of you who haven't been there, it's like an open concept room. The main dining area is somewhat seperated from the bar, but obviously, the sound system is not. And, w + 272 more characters
Way to go Slosh! Turn it back into baseball or food! It is interesting, though, to read up on all of that history.
The (I'm only being a smart aleck here) Latest Sign The World as We Know It is Ending: You can buy a Mac at Best Buy.
Wow ... is it real? And Emilie means well ... OK, the inversions here in the valley are starting to affect my brain cells, because seeing the words Glendive tended to make my skin crawl ... but not so + 541 more characters
hmm .... Packers 16, Denver 13, OT. So who is 6-1?? NOT DENVER! Heck, the Cleveland Browns have a better record than the Broncos. Poor, poor Denver fans ... at least the Rockies gave you a charge (and + 260 more characters
There is room on the Tribe bandwagon, Tammy, hop on! Although Wakefield seems to be dealing tonight, and with Beckett waiting in Game 5, CC better show up tomorrow night. Or else it could be dicey in + 699 more characters
One last rebuttal (and yes, Brian, I sent you the e-mail first) ... I know for a fact that he did not run out to every huddle. There were times you could see the steam rise off his head when he wasn't + 1504 more characters
Thanks, Tucker. Us Cleveland fans need all the help we can get! And, Brian ... it is over. Arizona is not Boston circa 2004. They don't have the bats. And the Rockies are destined to play in the Serie + 118 more characters
There are a lot of things I have seen on this forum. Some great points, and some that lacked intelligence. But to say that a team lacks anything because the coach doesn't get on the field on the hop . + 1653 more characters
No ... I wouldn't call 21-5 a "smoking" of anybody. Bottom line is, who knows how this will end up. I can't wait for the Cat/Griz smacktalk to begin.
Whoa ... not good. Not surprised them being 2-4, though. Sometimes, you have to walk through the darkness to better appreciate the sunlight. For those of you who are analyizing that ... it means thing + 192 more characters
Note to all Yankees fans .... 1. The last time that Cleveland struggled as bad with the Yankees as they did this season was 1997. The Tribe has better pitching this season, but the offense is about eq + 1234 more characters
Oh my ... where have I been? I know that when it's drier, they can tend to head to Government Hill. I had fair warning before I would head to the transmitter shack back in the days (2005 and 2006, bef + 309 more characters
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Wow ... the Stones, Ozzy, and Elton in between those concerts. What a run for Montana. Now, if we can only convince Journey to grab Steve Perry and do a one-time-only reunion concert somewhere here .. + 304 more characters
Congrats to Favre, and all of his fans ... As for the inquiry on the Eagles' unis last week (which, after watching their pitiful performance on Sunday night, they need to bring back!!), they were thro + 1074 more characters
And they're not the No. 1 team in the FCS. I managed to see a half of the opener, and while defensively, they are incredible ... the offense is too inconsistent. And the Weber St. game confirms that. + 78 more characters
I echo all of the compliments! Well done ... and a heck of a lot better than that political crap!
Unless Brett Favre plays until he's 46, there should be no comparison to he and Blanda. Interceptions not withstanding. The amazing thing is that Favre will put up some great numbers AND have a title + 176 more characters
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