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Thanks Howdy.
Jade I am sorry for what happened. Josh-I am appauled you would say that. Do you have children? Do you watch them 100% of the time? I think Jade is a responsible mom and I don't think she would leave + 612 more characters
Yes Way to Go Montana!! Good luck...
Thanks for sharing Kelly. I too am sorry for your loss.
I am sorry for your loss but hope you get to scatter your mother's ashes at the farm.
RE: Gym 11 years ago
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Here is the link. I paid $40 a month. url
Dr Renyolds or Dr Two Bears at Billings Clinic. Dr Young is also good.
New update: The guy who said it was suppose to happen on Saturday now says he miscalulated so the new date is October 21. This is for all you who BELIEVE...
korky II-Southgate is city limits.
The event has been changed to Monday, April 18 at 5:30pm. Due to Weather conditions when Sister Patrick was on her way to Miles City she is unable to be here tonight. If you have a ticket or tickets + 108 more characters
Tickets still available for Sister Patrick Murphy's "Last Lecture" benefitting CNADA. Event is Friday, April 15. $35.00 per ticket includes dinner, entertainment & silent auction. Call CNADA at 234-05 + 3 more characters
They came to our house last week. They gave us Kleenexes then went back out to their car to get the Kirby. My husband went out and told them no that we were not interested and they left. It wasnt unt + 153 more characters
EMI also takes them and cuts them up and sells to.
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